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Well, this article/spotlight is for Seal at 7th Order, so here goes.

ST: If he’s huge (15+), 3 is okay, and use HA. I prefer 7 for epee. 9 gets scimitar and 11 gets broadsword. Anything above 11 is a WASTE!!!
CN: Whatever they send you.
SZ: Any.
WT: 15, 17, or 21. 13 is workable, but I hate slow learners! 21 will probably take a lot from other areas, so 17 is best.
WL: 17, 17, 17!!!! You need endurance, lots of endurance. Some of my friends use 15, but I prefer not to.
SP: 9+ They use SP as well as most, but don’t add here until after WT/WL/DF.
DF: 15+, 15+, 15+. Once again, I have high standards. The reason? Have you ever had a slasher come out w/ “relying on his speed to stay out of trouble”? That’s ’cause his parry is in the negative. With a 15 DF your slasher will have a much better parry and will probably be about 1-3 trains from a Master parry in advanced. Later on, you’ll see!

Now, how to run them:

     10        9         7 ------------------------->  10
     10        4         2 ------------------------->  10
      7        9         7 ------------------------->   1
     CH/HE -------------------------------------------- >
     HE ----------------------------------------------- >

Off: D at first, open later, min 2 +, open
Def: D/S (preferably Dodge)

Min two+ is in case of a TP or WoS coming after you. This setup works, so good luck!

Mike Bookout
Bookie, Sacred Lord of the Black Regime
Memphis Mafia (36,100)

P.S. Anybody want to join the Regime?

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