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Aimed Blow Castle Style

Strength: 8 – 9+; at least normal damage giving
Constitution: At least normal damage taking ability
Size: Small preferably
Wit: Preferably 17+
Will: 9 – 15, depending on long or short term
Speed: enough for normal coordination ( just can’t imagine an uncoordnated AB )
Deftness: Preferably 17+


This is not an end all design for aimed blows, but it’s a good design for Aimers nonetheless.

Strength: Damage giving should be at least normal. How can you beat anyone
if you do little damage? Your Aimers should at least be able to use the
scimitar, because daggers, epees, shortswords, and short spears have a
habit of not penetrating armor even if was a good attack.

Constitution: There are too many lungers and slashers in regular DM to
recommend anything, but at least normal damage taking. In conjunction with
padded leather armor or ring mail it’s possible to survive an offense’s
onslaught. I prefer damage taking rated close to “can take a lot of damage”.

Size: The smaller the better.

Wit: For aimers just like with all the other styles learning skills is very
important. With this aimer design good dueling decisions are paramount as
well. There is more to wit than just learning.

Will: Will tends to be dependent on whether a fighter is called long term or
short term. Will also plays a part in how quickly a fighter does or doesn’t
give up. I prefer a will of 11-13 because you don’t want too much will that
your aimer nevers gives up and dies. But, you don’t want too little will that
your aimer gives in too a blow in fight that he was winning. Keep in mind
will if there will be any stats that need to be trained.

Speed: If you want to make an aimer do not add speed, but I’d recommend
enough speed for normal coordination just in case that back-up weapon needs
to be pulled out. I would stay single digits on this stat.

Deftness: The most important aimer attribute. What more needs to be said?
There are two ways to fight an aimed blow. There is minute one and there is
how the aimer really fights. The basics are that an aimer can fight either
offensive or defensive. With offensive you’re hoping to get the jump on your
opponent by striking the first blow. If you have a low speed aimer don’t try
this unless he learns decisive skills. With a 7-9 speed it’s possible,
because you can take advantage of the low speed offenses that exist. Now,
just hope you don’t miss.

For the defensive aimed blow there is parry and there is dodge. I would only
use a defensive strategy for the first minute or two to give the offensive
time to run out of endurance. After that the aimer will defend as he sees fit.

Armor? Yes! Padded leather or ring mail with this design. Yes, even with
dodging. Keep in mind that aimed blows are offensive. That they don’t wait out
opponents like scums. They also don’t overpower opponents like lungers.

If you don’t want to look for your favorite weapon scimitar is always a good
default weapon. Keep shields out of his off-hand. Use an off hand weapon only
if your primary weapon is a single-handed weapon.

Citizen Kane

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