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Stength: 9+
Constitution: any
Size: any
Wit: 9+
Will: 17 or 21
Speed: any 5-9 preffered
Deftness: 21


This is my favorite type of AB, i have several of them and they have
remarkably good records. Most people say “xxx is a low burn style don’t
give them will…” I quite frankly find that absurd. in my experience Will
is more than an Endurance factor. My High will warriors perform consistently
better than their lower will versions. Secondly this type of roll is
destined for scum hunting. a high will AB will eat a scum alive, where the
lower willed counterparts will tire. now this is in no way comprehensive, I
consider this a low tourny warrior with some long term potential if it has a
good learning curve.

I run them 10-10-x usually sometimes with Dec tactic sometimes without.
Lower the strat in minute 2 to a high-low strat for the remainder of the fight.




11-x-x-13(2)-21(1)-x-21(1) (burned)

The first and last Have TVed (inits, rookies)

Mordraith, 5440 or Fight! DM36 or Kill ’em All DM65

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