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Aimers my way!

Strength: 9-21
Constitution: any
Size: 5-11
Wit: 15-21
Will: 11-17
Speed: anyway
Deftness: 17 or 21


Aimed Blows in my opinion are one of the best stlyes in the game. They can
dodge, they can attack, and they can kill! The numbers I have given to you
will in my opinion give you a pretty good setup. Now I know the strength
range is pretty high, but trust me, a small aimer combined with the
strength of 10 warriors, there’s gonna be HELL TA PAY! My current one
is 5-1-1, and has utterly destroyed Lungers. Also try and shoot for an
Exp. Attack on there overview, that will get you off to a great start!

Run them slow but Decisive, let there skill do the work. I usually run mine
like 10-3-8 first minute, then after changes daily. Use Dec tactic or dodge.

Thats that, I hope this helps some of you out.

Rosebud Mgr of: Ronin DM-51 Posse DM-77 Death Penalty DM-76 E-Mail:

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