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Are YOU a MegaManager (TM) ????

Just take this simple survey:

1) Do you think of yourself as a Megamanager?
(If No, 10 pts.)

2) Have you ever been referred to as a Megamanager?
(If Yes, 20 pts.)

3) Do you deny it?
(If Yes, 20 pts.)

Primus TVs (lifetime):
10 pts. each

Avg. # of entries in a tourney:
1 pt each

Avg # of TVs in a tourney:
3 pts each

Primus Inductees:
3 pts each

One of each style in ADM:
10 pts.

One of each style in Primus:
50 pts.

All your ADMers are lungers or plungers:
40 pts.

Number of arenas you are ACTIVE in:
2 pts each

Number of arenas you have teams in:
If all, 20 pts. Otherwise nothing.


If you answered any of these questions, Congratulations! You are NOT a

If you threw this out with out looking at it, you ARE a megamanager.

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