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DM 093 Newsletter

Date   : 11/19/2021    Duedate: 12/02/2021


DM 93    TURN 596

This Week's Top Honors


(93-10666) [7-3-1,73]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

BEER BELLIES (1821)            SHRUBS (1829)
(93-10666) [7-3-1,73]          (93-10708) [4-0-0,43]

Popularity Leader              This Week's Favorite

XXX                            BENNAKYL
BEER BELLIES (1821)            PHARMANOMICON (1823)
(93-10662) [5-5-0,20]          (93-10673) [5-3-1,19]


SHRUBS (1829)

Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. LORDS OF CHAOS! (1825)        42 
2. FINAL FANTASY (1819)          36    BEER BELLIES (1821)
3. SHAKN-NOT-STIRD (1820)        27    Unchartered Team
4. SHRUBS (1829)                 24 
5. PHARMANOMICON (1823)          16    SHRUBS (1829)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1/ 1*SHRUBS (1829)             16   4  1 80.0   1/ 1*SHRUBS (1829)            12  3 1
 2/ 3 BEER BELLIES (1821)       29  20  2 59.2   2/ 2*LORDS OF CHAOS! (1825)   11  3 1
 3/ 2*PHARMANOMICON (1823)      22  16  4 57.9   3/ 3 BEER BELLIES (1821)       9  5 0
 4/ 4*BB BIG PROJECTS (1827)    13  12  0 52.0   4/ 4*BB BIG PROJECTS (1827)    7  8 0
 5/ 6*LORDS OF CHAOS! (1825)    15  14  2 51.7   5/ 8*FINAL FANTASY (1819)      6  2 0
 6/ 7*ANITSCARBUTICS (1824)     13  16  0 44.8   6/ 5*PHARMANOMICON (1823)      6  8 2
 7/ 5*FALLEN WORLDS (1831)       4   5  1 44.4   7/ 6*ANITSCARBUTICS (1824)     6  8 0
 8/ 9*FINAL FANTASY (1819)      12  19  0 38.7   8/ 7*FALLEN WORLDS (1831)      4  5 1
 9/10*SHAKN-NOT-STIRD (1820)    11  30  1 26.8   9/12*SHAKN-NOT-STIRD (1820)    3  7 1
10/ 0*SUPER DELUXE (1834)        1   3  0 25.0  10/ 0*SUPER DELUXE (1834)       1  3 0
11/ 8*THE LEGACIES (1826)        5  16  0 23.8  11/ 9*THE LEGACIES (1826)       1  8 0
12/11*MILCHAMAH RETURN (1832)    1   9  0 10.0  12/11*MILCHAMAH RETURN (1832)   1  9 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

                         Total Parry (The Ultimate Defensive)

In basic, Total Parries win. And win and win. Why, then, are there not a massive 
plethora of TPs? The purpose of this article is to examine the Total Parry from a 
Consortium viewpoint, and to reveal the how's, what's, and why's of the oft downplayed 
Total Parry.

Let us first talk about some of the facts and the environment surrounding the TP.

     They are very easy to design
     They can optimize the otherwise useless, very low wit and low WT/DF, roll ups.
     They usually have the best overall w/l records in basic
     They are not really long-term warriors as few-to-none excel in upper ADM.
     They can come across as boring to run.
     The aimed-blow, today's optimal and favored warrior, is their nemesis.

With that in mind what does Total Parry mean to The Consortium? A definition: "A 
warrior who "fights" by parrying attacks, and soaking damage and enduring until the 
opponent is so tired that the attacker falls from exhaustion or the attacker stands in 
exhaustion, unable to swing, while the Total Parry gets in a final, and maybe his 
first, swing/hit for a win." Most managers term this a "scum". The Consortium calls it 
a "winner".

Oh, there are variations of the parrying/soaking/enduring Total Parry. It can be 
designed to be somewhat offensive. But designs that make it "offensive" are most 
likely better fitted, and will win more as wastes (WS) or slashers (SL) or pikers (PS) 
or plungers (PL) or rippers (PR) or lungers (LU) or even other styles. Hence, The 
Consortium recommends that managers waste little effort on any TP version except THE 

What characterizes a Consortium TP Scum? What creates good damage soaking and 
parrying? There are two stats that create neither damage soaking (hit points) nor 
parry skills. They are WT (wit) and SP (speed). A real Total Parry needs neither. 
Another stat, SZ (size) can negatively affect the TPs parrying ability as there are 
parry skill reductions at size 15 17, and 21. (And gains at size 5 and 3.) What stats 
create soaking? CN (con) primarily, and then WL (will). One other thing creates 
soaking. That is armor and the weapon that one decides with which to parry. Hence 
"carry", the ability to wear lots of armor and hold heavy weapons, which is comprised 
of strength (ST) and con (CN), is necessary for protecting the Total Parry as it 

A yet-to-be designed/base TP starts with more parry skills than any other style, but 
is very weak in attack, initiative, defense and decise. Oh my! What then does this 
make a designed Consortium Total Parry need to look like? (Note: Primary stats are CN 
and WL, but don't ignore ST.)

     ST -- max it (11+ to assure C carry level, but 13+ for LG (large shield). The 
           more, the better.
     CN -- max it (At least enough to get tremendous hit points. (Use 
     SZ -- any, but not really big (SZ 15+ reduces parry skills and seems to make the 
           warrior easier to hit)
     WT -- none (We can just train stats for a long time, before we get to training 
     WL    -- max it (15+, although success has been made with some at 11+. Lots 
           needed to train stats)
     SP -- none
     DF -- 7+ (There are lots of parry skills in DF, so the higher, the better)
     Note: Although WT and SP are "none", neither hurts the TPs ability. They merely 
     take points away from the needed ST/CN/WL/DF

Rather than provide an exact design, perhaps offering a variety of actual Consortium 
TP warriors and their results would be more helpful.

Recently graduated. (The Consortium has over 200 graduated Total Parry fighters.)
Note: 14(+3)-21(+2)-12, means 11ST started, trained to 14; 19CN started, trained to 
21, 12SZ start 

     14(+3)-21(+2)-12-9(+1)-18(+2)-13-7(+2)  30-18-0 (fave BS)
     17(+3)-20(+2)-5-8-21(+1)-9-11(+1)  21-6-0, 1 DM Title, 15-12-0 in Tournament, 1 
           TV (fave ME)
     21(+3)-21(+3)-13-5(+2)-21(+1)-4(+1)-11(+2)  20-3-0, 5 DM Title, 14-12 Tournament 
           (fave QS)
     11(+2)-17(+1)-11-11(+1)-21(+2)-10-9(+1)  27-8-0, 4 DM Titles (fave EP)
     17(+3)-21(+2)-8-9(+2)-17(+2)-9-13(+1)  38-10-1, 3 DM Titles (Yes, had a kill with 
           ME!) (fave LS)
     17(+3)-21(+3)-11-5(+2)-18(+2)-12-11(+1)  31-9-0, 10DM Titles (fave ME)

There are several worthwhile comments about these above six warriors:

* The w/l records are amazing, but typical of the 200+ Consortium grads.
* TPs can get some interesting favorite weapons, even though way unsuited to them by 
* The higher than desired SPs did not at all harm the warrior's results.
* All have been "burnt". (Lots of stat trains.)
* These TPs seldom graduate "on time" (20 fights, 14 wins, 1 adex and 1 expert) as 
  they do not acquire enough skills.

Here are current warriors (the base design) running in arenas and doing as well as 
those above.

     16-19-6-9-18-6-10 (This one started life on Noblish Isle DM93)

What would be The Consortium "perfect" design? (One which has not been had, sadly.)


But, perhaps, this one would be preferable -- 19-19-3-3-19-3-18, and have fun burning 


While the design is important for a TP scum, so are the operating strategy and the 
weapon and armor selection. Let's start with the armor, as it is the simplest. A scum 
almost always goes out to fight in APA/F. Why? While the heaviest possible, this is 
the optimum sponge, absorbing the most damage from when that opponent hits. There are 
"tweak strategies" where perhaps less armor is employed, but realize that 99% of the 
time a Consortium TP wears APA/F

Weapon selection is an interesting topic for discussion. By and large, the ME or LG 
are the Total Parry's best friend. There are quite a nice selection of weapons 
available and suited to the TP. A scum, usually low-witted, however, tends to use very 
few of them. Using Assur's weapon requirement chart, which he publishes here in DM93 
periodically, the first group of weapons are suited, but TP-limited by wit and 
deftness. (Code: ST/SZ/WT/DF requirements.)

     LO = 11/3/13/11
     QS = 11/9/11/11
     SC = 9/3/11/11
     GS = 15/9/9/11
     EP = 7/3/15/15

Leaving, then, these weapons as the most likely for the scum.

     ME = 9/3/3/5 (most common Consortium TP weapon)
     SM = 5/3/3/5 (seldom Consortium used, as the ME always fits and is a better parry 
     LG = 13/7/3/7 (favored Consortium TP weapon)
     BS = 11/3/9/7 (the best weapon weapon, but sometimes wit limited)
     LS = 11/9/5/9 (works well as a parry weapon, but seldom Consortium used as it is 
          two-handed, hence, no shield)

Off-hand weapons play an important part to the Total Parry winning ways. The 
interesting thing about off-hands is that a manager can place almost any weapon there 
(except two-handed) and there will be no statement commentary indicating unsuited or 
not-quite suited. Hence, any weapon, even unsuited, can be used as off-hand, as long 
as SZ/WT/DF requirements are met. (For example it is not unusual to see a WH as an 
off-hand weapon with the LG in primary hand on a Consortium warrior.

In order, here are the typical weapons used by Consortium Total Parry warriors.


Back up weapons are also important to Total Parry warriors as the primary and/or off-
hand are often broken by all the parrying going on. What are good backup weapons? Any 
weapon can parry, but not as well as shields. And the backup weapons do count in the 
weight burden of the warrior, so do not overburden. The most common Consortium backups 
are DA and WH.

Carry and endurance need to be discussed to assure optimizing the TP. There should be 
no need, or desire, to overburden the TP which will negatively impact his endurance. 
Using the CIC information,  or Terrablood's site, or Assur's site determine the 
encumbrance, and armor and weapon weight of your warrior accordingly. Since virtually 
all Consortium scum are going to be designed with 11 ST min and very high CN, the 
design will always carry what is considered the minimum 27 points. This allows:

     BS/ME APA/F one backup DA    or    ME/ME APA/F one backup DA

If the warrior has 13+ ST, often a Consortium TP might look like this:

     LG/WH APA/F primary backup DA

What is a good strategy? How might The Consortium run these types of warriors? A 
common theory is all one needs to do is use 1-1-1-P. We Consortium managers very 
seldom run 1-1-1. Giving the strategy some OE (offensive effort) and some AL (activity 
level) seems to cause that TP to swing/attack in the most surprising moments and 
sometimes early on. Many battles have been won this way. And, in general, the TP's 
endurance seems unaffected by these low numbers above one. As to "kill desire" (KD), a 
mod/low number (not 1) seems to enhance that early swing. The Consortium does not want 
to give you the idea that this early swinging happens regularly, but that it does 
happen occasionally, Perhaps it is important to point out that average/typical AL/OE 
Favorites (learned at graduation) for the TP are LO/VL.  Next most likely are VL/VL 
and VL/LO. (VL is very low and 1-2, LO is low and 3-4, as opposed to moderate MO 5-6, 
high HI 7-8 and VH very high 9-10.)

This is a typical starting Consortium TP scum strategy:


Now when an opponent is a known good scum also, the strategy might change to assure 
optimal endurance:


There is more to "good strategy" than the numbers a manager chooses. To optimize any 
type of warrior, one must use the challenge/avoid. Any TP that fights an AB is likely 
to lose. At the lower levels (meaning DM rather that ADM) a TP loses to the aimer 90-
95% of the time. A scum TP that fights a lunger wins 60-80% of the time. So if you 
want wonderful w/l rates like those listed above, you must challenge and avoid 
properly and always. (The Consortium often publishes an article on challenge and avoid 
in DM93. Wait for it, or find it, but certainly heed it.) To challenge and avoid 
properly, you must know styles of warriors in your arena. Hence, you must fight and 
keep records, and/or have friends/allies who collect and share styles, or use a common 
data base like that of The most important challenge/avoids for a TP 
scum are:

* Avoid teams with aimed blows able to challenge or match up with you
* Avoid teams with known hard-hitting (great+ damage) warriors
* Avoid teams with better designed scum that are able to challenge or match you
* Avoid teams with warriors that have beaten you
* Avoid teams with pikers and strikers, especially those who hit harder or have kills 
  on record
* Challenge lungers primarily
* Challenge small or light hitting warriors of any type but AB 
* Prior to 10 fights of experience (10FE) challenge all styles but AB (maybe STs, too)

One final item needs to be discussed. The Consortium has recommended that the TP is 
meant to be a scum, and all the previous information points that out. However, were 
one to want to design and run a more offensive TP, this is how The Consortium does it. 
(Out of the 200+ graduate TPs, only 4 are of this type, and they do not fare as well, 
record wise,  as the mighty scum; they all would have made better warriors under 
another design.) The main characteristics of the OTP (Offensive Total Parry) compared 
to the scum is that at least moderate (11+), and preferably high, (15+, preferably 
17+) Wit and at least 11 deftness are needed. This would mean they would have all or 
one of these stats, ST, CN, WL) reduced from the scum design. Lastly, it means that 
the final design will be much more in line with a very good LU or other better long 
term warrior able to compete in high ADM, like Primus. Here are some typical offensive 
Total Parries.

     11-14-10-17-17-4-11 (wish it had been made a LU or WS or PL or even PS)
     15-12-8-17-21-4-7 (wish it had been made a LU or SL or even BA)
     17-14-3-17-17-5-11 (wish it had been made a LU, especially, or even a PL, PR, SL, 
          BA, WS)
     15-15-9-15-15-4-11 (wish it had been made a WS or LU or BA)

So there you have it. The Total Parry, Consortium-style. You have learned how to 
design, armor, weapon, run, challenge/avoid, and optimize a Total Parry. Prepare 
yourself for lots of wins and some quite long fights. Winning is FUN.

A special note: The Consortium is the only manager to have run multiple warriors 
32,000+ minutes in fights. (In Face-To-Face Tournaments, 5 times.) The RSI programs 
have since been altered to disallow that possibility.

                          -- Rose Of Sharon  (from The Consortium Portfolio 11-8-2021)

                                      * * * * *

                            The New and Improved Nightmare
                    Heralded by Mistress Miaka, team Final Fantasy

COME ONE, COME ALL! Listen to the valiant efforts set forth by the upcoming warriors 
of the soon to be legendary team of FINAL FANTASY. The Grand Tournament LXXIV, 
Halloween Tournament, was a magnificent success. AERITH G. and VINCENT V. accomplished 
exactly what they said they would. Manager PALINC KALVERUS is especially proud of the 
newcomers, even though they only reached found 4 and 5 in the Rookies arena. YUFFIE 
KISARAGI did exactly what she did as a rookie in the F2F Grand Tournament LXV...

Yuffie interrupts, "I told you not to mention me."

Miaka whispers back, "I'm doing my job. It's nothing personal."

"You... you staggering witch!" Yuffie storms off.

... Okay, where was I? Oh yes, YUFFIE didn't make it past the preliminary rounds, but 
that is what she does. Could it be the masses give her stage fright and she can't 
perform well in the Grand Tournament arena? Or is she only destined to thrive in the 
basic dueling arenas? Only time will tell and I know we all will be watching to see 
who she becomes.

Then a warrior who died too soon blessed with an Advanced Expert in attack from her 
rookies F2F tourney LXV appearance, TIFA LOCKHART arose from the grave and fought 
ferociously trying to return to life. Final Fantasy's aimed blow outlasted seven 
rounds only to lose on the 8th. She fought with determination and heart (no matter how 
decomposed it is). For being a dead warrior zombie, anyone could still look up to her!

YUFFIE KISARAGI in the Initiaites arena lost 1, 2, 3 and she was out. Losing against 
AB, PS, and Pl. Most of Noblish Island know s Yuffie fights using the parry- riposte 
style. PRs do poorly versus these styles. Could it be possible there are some 
nefarious dealings going on behind the Gladiatorial Commission's back? I implore the 
realm's wardens look into this!

AERITH G. in the Rookies arena finished [1-3-0,6], but was not fully a loss. She came 
out as a double Expert. Her fights to note were the last two. She won versus BUMBLE of 
STEELE RISING 158 in an action packed battle almost lasting to the 4th minute, then 
her brutal defeat from RUMOR of STEELE RISING 206 not lasting more than 10 seconds. 
Same manager different teams? That manager must have held a grudge.

VINCENT V., also in the Rookies arena, grew stronger in his [2-3-0,9] debut. Those of 
you destined to meet him in the arena be aware and don't underestimate what he is 
capable of.

TIFA LOCKHART nearly became resurrected in the Dead Apprentices arena. Her record was 
[5-3-0,18]. None of her fights lasted more than a single minute. However, the 
spectators were extremely entertained. Rest in peace, Tifa Lockhart, we will see you 
again in the next Tournament of the Dead.

Manager PALINC KALVERUS has brought together a new band of misfits, along with Yuffie. 
The new and improved tean of FINAL FANTASY will become legendary. Anyone would be 
foolish to fight on the arena sands with them. Their styles will soon be revealed at 
the Terra Blood Tavern, formerly known as the Piking Pug. Where team Fantasy, Yuffie, 
Aerith, Vincent, Kimahri, Rikku, and the amazing wizard and manager Palinc will be 
signing autographs, for a small "donation" of course.

MAY HONOR, VALOR, AND SUCCESS FIND FINAL FANTASY! and may the Gods of Ghea watch over 
those who oppose them.


                             MILCHAMAH RETURN FIRST TURN

Milchamah Return debuted on T-595 and seemed to reflect the ineptitude of their 
original predecessor, Milchamah, which debuted in Noblish Island so long ago that I 
really do not remember how many years ago that was, but I am certain that it was 30-
plus years ago!

Maggephah Priest, who was named after a dearly departed manager named Slaughter 
Priest, was the only member of Milchamah Return who managed a victory. She fortunately 
defeated Dalt of Lords Of Chaos in a 2-minute sand battle.

As mentioned last cycle, the Hebrew word Maggephah means Slaughter, thus her name is a 
literal homage to my old friend Slaughter Priest. She is a 15-Wit Aimer, but only 
learned one Parry skill.

Meginnaw Flaming, as mentioned in my article last cycle, was created as a 15-12-6-13-
21-10-7 Total Parry. My intention from the beginning was to make her a burner warrior. 
That means raising her stat trains at the expense of burning skills along the way.

She debuted as a Normal Damage, Normal Encumbrance warrior. She faced Julian of Lords 
Of Chaos! and lasted into minute four, before she was gravely injured by a hit to the 

Megginnaw Flaming exercised and increased her Strength, which noticeably increased the 
strength of her blows [now does Good Damage] and also noticeably improved her capacity 
to carry weapons and armor. Since Meginnaw is a Hebrew word for Shield, Protector, 
Hide of a Crocodile; she will hopefully act more like she has the hide of crocodile in 
future fights!

Mahatsawd Reborn does Tremendous Damage, but the 13-Wit Basher failed to get a swing 
against Scurvious of Anitscarbutics. He was dispatched in one minute by a single wound 
to his right knee; plus he only learned a single Initiative skill for his loss!

The Hebrew word for Mahatsawd means Axe, but Mahatsawd Reborn was the one who was 
chopped down like a tree!

Madkawraw Reborn is a 17-Wit Ripper and she managed to learn two Riposte skills to 
achieve an Expert Riposte rating! She entered the arena with 11 Riposte skills at her 
creation and her Wit of being a Very Crafty Fighter on her Over View meant that she 
had a 13+ Base and had at least a +2 in Riposte.

However, she is Blessed with at least a +3 in Riposte! This somewhat softened the blow 
of her losing to Bleys of Lords Of Chaos in a 3-minute sand battle!

The Hebrew word for Madkawraw Is Wound, Piercing. However, she did not show much 
offense in her first fight, hardly living up to her name, but Rippers are to be 
managed with patience, as they need to accumulate skills with experience, as a more 
long-term project in the Basic Arena.

As I mentioned in my article last cycle, Makkeh Different is a 13-Wit / 5-Will Ripper. 
He amazingly lasted 3 minutes in a loss against Raw Red Onion of Anitscarbutics, while 
wearing Plate Mail and a Full Helm. He learned one Parry skill for his trouble! Parry 
learning is important for Rippers!

Makkeh is the Hebrew word for Plague, Slaughter, Wound. It will be interesting, at 
least to me as his manager, to see which side of the coin he possibly lives up to his 
name, although he is a different warrior than what I probably should have made him to 

"May Your Blades Be Sharp and Your Wits Sharper!"

--- Hammer, Duel 2 Sponsor, mgr of Milchamah Return

              + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ The Lighthouse ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

     "Tinkering strategies?"  Jorja glanced around the common room of the Lighthouse 
quickly.  None of her gladiators were near by, but she leaned forward and lowered her 
voice anyway.  "The team here doesn't believe I ever do that, and I don't want them to 
hear me saying differently, Diaretic.  They'd get expectations, and I don't have any 
plan to make life that easy for 'em.  But here's the way I go at it when I'm feeling 
generous with my warriors.  Mind you, this is just the way *I* do it, and there are 
plenty of other approaches.
     "Say I've got a warrior who's a pure offensive style, which means a basher, a 
lunger, or a slasher.  I don't count strikers, as they're versatile and sometimes 
unpredictable.  Say I've started him out fast, maybe 8-6-x.  Unless he's fighting 
another pure offensive, he should be first off the mark.  So I look for the problem. 
If it's a problem with his numbers and style and he should have been some other kind 
of fighter, well, too bad, we're both stuck with it.  I can boost his offensive effort 
to ten--sometimes it already IS ten, of course, but if it isn't, then that goes up to 
the top.  I can drop his activity level, say to four.  I know some people start their 
offensive warriors going 10-10-x, but to my mind, this is just asking for early 
burnout in a fight.  I've seen that kind of thing--a warrior comes out of the starting 
gate like his socks are on fire, and by the MIDDLE, not the end, of the first minute, 
he's panting and staggering, and losing.  Sure, some warriors can take that kind of 
energy burn, but most can't.
     "So I tinker with his numbers, and it doesn't help, he still gets jumped when he 
shouldn't.  The next thing to try is dropping the weight he's carrying. Maybe I've got 
him in some kind of mail, okay, I drop that to leather.  This reduces his protection 
against blows from his opponent, of course, but everything's a trade-off. If he gets 
out there first and deals a shrewd blow or two, it won't matter; he'll win before he 
gets hurt.  If he's already in leather, or if I want to lighten him up further, I'll 
drop his backup weapon and give him a lighter one.  Say he's got a scimitar with a 
backup same, maybe I'll drop the backup to a shortsword or even a dagger.  I'll always 
leave him SOME backup weapon--"
     "He'd have his fists, if you didn't give him a backup weapon, wouldn't he?" 
Diaretic asked.
     Jorja shrugged.  "Well... yes, but none of the pure offensives do well with their 
fists.  Strikers, maybe, but not bashers, lungers, or slashers. They can and will use 
'em if they have nothing else, but they won't do well.  And frankly, I wouldn't even 
send out an aimed blow, the CLASSIC unarmed style, with nothing but his fists for 
backups.  I've seen too many of them 'struck in the arm with the parry'. It's too 
risky for a warrior who's already got problems.  Unless, of course..." she looked 
suddenly thoughtful, "I'm hoping he'll get killed...."
     Diaretic raised his eyebrows.  "Do you do that much?"
     "Send them out hoping they'll die?"  Jorja shrugged.  "Well, yes and no.  I run 
everything, maybe send one warrior in a hundred to the Dark Arena--after he's fought 
for a year or two.  There are often warriors that I would LIKE to see die, even though 
I hate the hassle of recruiting new ones.  But I've never sent a warrior out unarmed, 
unarmored, and with the basic 1-1-1 default strategy.  At least, not deliberately.  
There's a team I have in Murska that was running on maintenance once. I wasn't paying 
attention, and no less than THREE new warriors started up there without strategies--
and survived!  They had horrible records by the time one of the other managers managed 
to get my attention, 0-19 I think it was, but they survived. Tough men, and they 
eventually made it to graduation, once I gave them 'sharp pointy things' to use on 
their opponents.  But I don't do that deliberately." She paused and signaled for one 
of the waiters to bring Diaretic a fresh drink.
     "Where was I?  Warriors getting jumped when they shouldn't be, right.  As a last 
resort, because I don't really care for tactics, I might give such a warrior 
decisiveness in the first minute, also.
     "But if none of this works, if he still gets jumped regularly, then I have to 
think about taking a different approach.  Maybe he'd be better off running slowly, 
despite his style.  So I put more armor on him, some kind of mail, usually, and I slow 
down his first minute, maybe invert it: 4-6-x or 4-8-x or something.  And then in the 
second minute pop him up to eight or ten offensive effort, on the idea that he'll 
catch the faster offensives when they're tired.  Sometimes it works. Especially with 
beginning warriors, winning can often be a game of endurance.  He who is still 
standing, wins."
     Diaretic nodded and sipped his drink.  Half-formed ideas of how he might use 
these ideas on his own warriors revolved in his mind.  "What about the opposite case, 
a defensive warrior who can't last long enough to win as he should?"
     "The total parry who collapses from exhaustion in the second minute?"  Jorja 
laughed.  "I've had a few of those over the years.  I call 'em 'the warriors of 
exasperation'.  It isn't easy running everything, you know--I end up with some 
warriors that not even a mother could love, and with them, I tend to do really dumb 
things, just for the heck of it.  The aimed blow with a deftness of three or four, for 
instance, or the total parry with no con.
     "But for the, hmm, 'legitimate' cases of warriors running too fast, well, there 
are signs as obvious as an offensive getting jumped.  'Fighting to conserve energy', 
'straining to hold his weary arms at guard', stuff like that in the fight report is a 
sure sign.  You can take two approaches to that, lower the weight they're carrying so 
as not to burn their energy that way--lighter armor, lighter weapons. Or slow 'em 
down.  Say I've got a ripper going 6-8-x and stumbling with exhaustion in the second 
minute.  I might slow this warrior down to 4-6 and see if that helps. Heck, I've even 
done that with offensives.  Back when I started slashers out going 10-10-x, I'd get 
them stumbling with exhaustion and losing because of it in the second or even the 
FIRST minute, and I'd slow 'em down.  Activity level comes down first for an offensive 
warrior--I think of that as the 'dodging and parrying' number. Offensive effort comes 
down first for the defensives."
     "Hmm."  The younger manager frowned, making a series of linked rings on the table 
top with the wet bottom of his glass.  "What about warriors who flail wildly?" "I've 
been told that this is due to lack of attack skills, and unless you're going to train 
stats and burn those skills, nothing but time will cure it.  But I've found that 
sometimes--not always--lowering kill desire helps.  Drop it to five, say, if it's 
higher.  Dropping the offensive effort a notch might help, too. I think of 'flailing 
wildly' as 'trying too hard'.  You can never be sure, of course, because managing 
gladiators is an art, not a science."  She paused and half stood, looking toward a 
center of commotion.  "Do you want Wednesday to get falling down drunk on the night 
before the fights?"


Question, turn 417:

All -- Here's last cycle's question that didn't make it in (along with page two of my 
personals).  What are the top five weapons to be successful in Advanced? -- Hanibal 

Answers, turn 418:

Q.O.W. Response -- The top weapons in AD, or even basic DM, are generally agreed upon 
to be the SC, LO, BS, and BA.  The scimitar is an all round great weapon.  Seems 
easier to crit with, and even against heavy armor, still dishes out a lot of damage. 
Because it's a slashing weapon, it seems to pull a lot of critical damage on normal 
hits.  The longsword is the second best, though that could be contended, for its one 
great ability, the knockdown!  The broadsword is heavy, but it dishes out heavy abuse, 
it doesn't break often, and it is pretty good at smashing through parries. The battle 
axe is just plain cool, and it is very painful!  After those four, it's difficult to 
say which weapon is better.  I like daggers, though shortswords are strong, and the 
halberd is really fun if your warrior can throw crits with it. -- Adie

I must have missed the question this is answering, or it was part of an ongoing and 
sometimes heated discussion on winning and killing  and aiming locations in Aruak 

Q.O.W. Response -- Other than the obvious ability of aiming at the chest/abdomen/head 
to gain death intent statement, I think that it's more difficult to win when aiming at 
the body because there are more hit-points there. This is especially the case against 
tough, armored warriors.  Attacking the body with lunging weapons can get knockdowns, 
but I think that it's even easier if you aim at the legs. If you consider protect 
locations though, maybe the body is better to aim at because maybe fewer people 
protect it.
     The limbs, and head especially, have less hit points, so if struck, such a 
warrior usually gives up sooner.  Aiming at the head can get quick victories and death 
intent statements, but results in more deaths, obviously.  But I think a lot of people 
routinely protect the head.  Aiming at the arms allows the defeat of a warrior when 
they lose their weapon, or use of their arm, and can't draw a back up. -- Adie
P.S.  I only advocate aiming at the arms and legs in Aruak City. Elsewhere is a 
different story.

Question for turn 418, to be answered next turn:
New Q.O.W. -- What have people seen in regards to arms that hang useless?  Can 
warriors regain the use of them eventually if the fight goes on?  Can they punch or 
parry with it, even though they can't draw a back-up? -- Adie

Adie's QoW -- Striking arms can cause an opponent to drop their weapon and 
(temporarily) lose the use of the limb.  Striking the legs can increase the chance of 
a knockdown.  Striking at head, chest, or abdomen can allow for a kill on the sands. 
Chest and abdomen seem to be the locations best protected by armor. Head can have a 
different level of armor protection than the rest of the warrior's body, which can 
make things tactically interesting.  From what I've seen, managers usually have their 
warriors protect their vital hit locations by default, so to me it makes more sense to 
aim at non-vitals. -- Generalissimo Puerco

Is Generalissimo Puerco psychic?  Tune in next turn and find out!

Hanibal's QoW -- All of the one-handed swords make up the top tier of weapons, with 
the axes and spears on the second tier (consider halberd in this group), and all the 
bludgeoning weapons (and the greatsword) at the bottom.  Quarterstaves, war hammers, 
and mauls are liked by some, and as far as I'm concerned, they can have them. 
Unfortunately the quarterstaff recently became tied (with longsword) among my LPs for 
most popular favorite weapon.  Also, interestingly, I only have one LP that favors the 
scimitar, and it's a total parry! -- Generalissimo Puerco

Hanibal -- Top five weapons?  Hm, scimitar, scimitar, scimitar....  Oh, you mean 
DIFFERENT weapons?  A lot depends on the style of the warrior in question and his or 
her favorite.  But scimitar is up there near the top of the list for many styles. -- 

The question from turn 418:
New Q.O.W. -- What have people seen in regards to arms that hang useless?  Can 
warriors regain the use of them eventually if the fight goes on?  Can they punch or 
parry with it, even though they can't draw a back-up? -- Adie

Answers from turn 419 and 420:

Q.O.W. Answer:  I have had all sorts of s#&t (not sure what word this was supposed to 
be) happen regarding arms falling uselessly at their side: some warriors give up, some 
continue on, I've even had a warrior lose his use of an arm twice in one fight (and he 
still won!!!).  One thing is certain...the weapon in the useless hand always drops in 
the sand. -- Dr. Strange 

Refers to last turn's question--

QOW -- Weapons?  We agree that SC seems tops with LO and BS highly desirable.  The 
Consortium clan has a great affinity for these also:  BA, DA, QS, SH, WH and GA.  Not 
the normal "feelings," but... -- Kennelworth

QOW -- A useless arm is a statement and since it normally comes at the end, it "seems" 
to mean something, but it is similar to a dropped weapon. -- Kennelworth

Answer Q.O.W. (arms) -- When arms are struck in combat, I too have seen a variety of 
things occur.  I've seen them get hit, forcing a weapon to be dropped, but then a back 
up pulled immediately.  I've seen them get hit, drop a weapon, and be too hotly 
engaged to pull a new one.  Also, they can hang useless after being struck.  The 
weirdest thing I've ever seen is a warrior lose the use of their arm, drop their 
weapon, strike with their fists, and then have one of those fists get parried, AND IT 
both arms went useless, you could still fight with fists?  Hmm... -- Adie

New question, turn 419:

All -- I recently tried an experiment where I gave a warrior a Primary weapon 
(Broadsword) and the same off-hand back-up.  She pulled the back-up when things slowed 
down in min. 2.  Does this mean she prefers two weapons or do they always do that?  If 
you give a warrior two back-ups will they pull the one they prefer or whatever you 
list first? -- Hanibal -- Q.O.W.

Answers, turn 420:

Answer Q.O.W. (backups) -- When things slow down in a fight and neither warrior is 
eager to hold the initiative, they will usually pull any off-hand or back up weapon 
they have, whether they need it or not.  It has no relation to whether that warrior 
prefers to fight with two weapons or not.
     Drawing back-ups also can occur when the fight is intense.  If your weapon breaks 
while on the offense, often such a warrior will draw their back up and attempt a 
riposte to hold the init.  Also, if you're on the defensive and you attempt to 
riposte, but you have a back-up weapon or off-hand weapon to draw, your warrior may 
try to pull it. Success is not always guaranteed in either case though since your 
warrior may be 'to hotly engaged'.  Even if a defending warrior succeeds, drawing a 
weapon after a riposte forces that warrior to give up the init they could have taken. 
But if they pull a back-up and THEN riposte, then can take the init. If you give a 
warrior two back-ups, they pull the one listed first, and if it breaks or is dropped, 
they'll pull the second.  It is not random. -- Adie

QoW -- If the warrior has a free off-hand, and a backup off-hand weapon, it usually 
isn't long before they decide to make use of it.  I'm guessing that OE and 
coordination (anonymous source) are factors that affect the likelihood of drawing a 
backup in the off-hand.  Wanna Be, manager of A Savage Few here in Aruak, once hosted 
a fast draw contest where contestants had to start the fight unarmed but could have 
backup weapons.  The all-out offensives would sometimes spend a full minute or more 
with their fists before deciding to draw steel.  The defensives would usually draw 
something the first chance their opponent would give them. -- Generalissimo Puerco

New question, turn 420:

All -- I was noticing the skill modifiers for low to high size; do these negatives 
keep a warrior from being successful at the high end of the game? -- Hanibal -- Q.O.W.

We're now caught up with Aruak City (dm 11) on the Questions of the Week; they are 
about to run turn 421 as I write this.  So if Hanibal misses a turn in asking, or the 
managers there miss a turn in answering, we'll have to miss a turn in looking over 
their shoulders.  Amazing how things follow one another like dominoes falling, isn't 
it?  There is NO REASON AT ALL why you here can't pose Questions of the Week of your 
own.  Send them as a personal to DM 11, identify yourself as a new manager seeking 
enlightenment, and you should get a helpful response. -- Jorja

Note that Hannibal's Questions of the Week stopped some time ago and Aruak City is now 
in the 900s.


                                      SPY REPORT

     Greetings, Warriors of NOBLISH ISLAND.  Allow this humble servant Novgorodny Vir 
to give you a respite from the fights in the form of this Spyreport.  Nothing works 
for a team like victory (How's that for a perceptive observation?) as FINAL FANTASY 
can attest...  Say what you will about blind luck and dirty fighting, but LORDS OF 
CHAOS! will tell you 15-14-2 is nothing to laugh at...  Practice pays for BONSAI, who 
pummelled SCURVICIOUS, to pocket 18 points.  A certain someone should cut down on the 
drinking and practice more, after losing 12 points to DIERDRE.  (Discrete enough, BUD 
THE WISER?) PAPPY BLUE RIBS successfully staved off a grab for the roses by M. 
CHARDINEE of NOBLISH ISLAND.  Does NOBLISH ISLAND have no one talented enough to 
dethrone her?  Word has it one team in NOBLISH ISLAND is taking speech lessons to try 
to bore their opponent to death.  I'll bet it works.   
     And how sociable are NOBLISH ISLAND's warriors?  Come, let us see.  Like a horde 
of jackals fleeing from the lion, so did the "warriors" in NOBLISH ISLAND avoid BEER 
BELLIES.  The warriors of BEER BELLIES found their efforts at combat frustrated as 
SHAKN-NOT-STIRD apparently had more important things to do than fight.  Everyone is 
famous for fifteen minutes, and OSRIC is it right now.  Most challenged warrior.  
Isn't LORDS OF CHAOS! proud!  My love of complete Spyreports dictates that I note the 
mismatched fight, BLEYS and LEMON J.  Are LORDS OF CHAOS! unwilling to engage in a 
fair fight?  I thought BLEYS showed great skill and promise when he beat LEMON J.  
All right, so I slept through it!  Big deal!   
     The moving sword slashes, and having slashed, moves on...  More than one 
waitress at The Dripping Blade was spilling more drinks than usual last week, as 
SCURVICIOUS' early demise became known.  What will ANITSCARBUTICS do???  I hear LILAC 
of SHRUBS tired of the battles and was thinking of becoming a priest.  DY-QUIL of 
PHARMANOMICON saved it the effort of getting references.  Ask not a spymaster for 
counsel, for he will pontificate long after you have fallen into an unconscious 
     Leave me now, you base fools!  My fingers tire and I fear my incessant prattling 
may cause unfair judgement upon my impeccable character.  Can anything compare to the 
pleasure of writing Spyreports for NOBLISH ISLAND?  On that giddy note I take my 
leave-- Novgorodny Vir  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 PAPPY BLUE RIBS 10666     SL  7   3  1  73         BEER BELLIES (1821)       

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-DRINK EM UP 10664         SL  7   2  0  47         BEER BELLIES (1821)                      *
 AZALEA 10708              BA  4   0  0  43         SHRUBS (1829)             
 YUCCA 10710               TP  3   1  0  42         SHRUBS (1829)             
 YUFFIE KISARAGI 10653     PR  5   2  0  40         FINAL FANTASY (1819)      
 STRESS 10696              LU  3   2  0  34         BB BIG PROJECTS (1827)    

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 DY-QUIL 10675             BA  5   3  1  33         PHARMANOMICON (1823)      
 DIERDRE 10685             PL  4   2  1  33         LORDS OF CHAOS! (1825)                   *
 BONSAI 10709              ST  3   1  1  33         SHRUBS (1829)             
 DIEBUPROFEN 10676         AB  5   2  0  30         PHARMANOMICON (1823)      
 OSRIC 10682               BA  3   3  1  28         LORDS OF CHAOS! (1825)                   *
 INTERRUPTIONS 10698       AB  3   2  0  28         BB BIG PROJECTS (1827)    
 BLEYS 10684               PS  4   2  0  27         LORDS OF CHAOS! (1825)    

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 DOGWOOD 10707             ST  3   1  0  27         SHRUBS (1829)             
 BLADDERWRACK 10681        TP  4   2  0  26         ANITSCARBUTICS (1824)     
 ROGER MOORE 10657         LU  3   4  0  25         SHAKN-NOT-STIRD (1820)    
 CELERIS SSVALEN 10721     WS  2   1  1  24         FALLEN WORLDS (1831)      

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 PRESSURE 10697            PL  4   1  0  23         BB BIG PROJECTS (1827)    
 TIMOTHY DALTON 10660      BA  4   5  0  21         SHAKN-NOT-STIRD (1820)    
 XXX 10662                 WS  5   5  0  20         BEER BELLIES (1821)       
 FURIOUS INHALER 10674     LU  5   3  1  19         PHARMANOMICON (1823)      
 BENNAKYL 10673            SL  5   3  1  19         PHARMANOMICON (1823)      
-JULIAN 10683              PR  2   3  0  19         LORDS OF CHAOS! (1825)    
 BUD THE WISER 10692       BA  4   5  0  17         BEER BELLIES (1821)       
 DELAYS 10718              TP  2   2  0  17         BB BIG PROJECTS (1827)    
-SLATER 10688              TP  3   1  0  16         THE LEGACIES (1826)       
 BARRY NELSON 10706        AB  2   2  1  16         SHAKN-NOT-STIRD (1820)    
 DALT 10686                ST  2   4  0  16         LORDS OF CHAOS! (1825)    
 RAW RED ONION 10680       ST  3   3  0  14         ANITSCARBUTICS (1824)     
 RIKKU 10732               PS  1   0  0  12         FINAL FANTASY (1819)      
 BOOZY SOOZY 10712         LU  3   2  0  11         BEER BELLIES (1821)                      *
 ZAIUS 10687               PR  1   4  0  11         THE LEGACIES (1826)       
 LEMON J 10677             LU  2   4  0  10         ANITSCARBUTICS (1824)                    *
 BRADDOCK GRIMMS 10722         2   1  0  10         FALLEN WORLDS (1831)                     [TP-WS]
-ISHAM 10689               BA  1   3  0  10         THE LEGACIES (1826)       
 AMOXIKILLIN 10749             1   0  0  10         PHARMANOMICON (1823)                     [PR-PS-SL-TP-WS]
 VINCENT V. 10720          WS  1   0  0   9         FINAL FANTASY (1819)      
 DARK CHOCOLATE 10741          1   0  0   8         SUPER DELUXE (1834)                      [PR-PS-SL-TP-WS]
 SISSON 10691                  0   4  0   8         THE LEGACIES (1826)                      [PL-WS]
 SAVVI 10690               WS  0   4  0   8         THE LEGACIES (1826)       
 24-7 SUPPORT 10700        BA  1   4  0   7         BB BIG PROJECTS (1827)    
 AERITH G. 10719               1   0  0   7         FINAL FANTASY (1819)                     [PR-PS-SL-TP-WS]
 MAGGEPHAH PRIEST 10727    AB  1   1  0   4         MILCHAMAH RETURN (1832)   
 KIMAHRI 10731                 1   0  0   3         FINAL FANTASY (1819)                     [PR-PS-SL-TP-WS]
 LADY SNUSNA 10725             0   3  0   3         FALLEN WORLDS (1831)                     [BA-PR-ST-TP-WS]
 MAKKEH DIFFERENT 10726    PR  0   2  0   2         MILCHAMAH RETURN (1832)   
 MAHATSAWD REBORN 10729    BA  0   2  0   2         MILCHAMAH RETURN (1832)   
 MEGINNAW FLAMING 10728    TP  0   2  0   2         MILCHAMAH RETURN (1832)   
 SEAN CONNERY 10743            0   1  0   1         SHAKN-NOT-STIRD (1820)                   [AB-BA-PL-PR-SL-ST-TP-WS]
 RAINBOW FLAVORS 10742         0   1  0   1         SUPER DELUXE (1834)                      [AB-BA-PL-PR-SL-ST-TP-WS]
 *PANDA* 10739             AB  0   1  0   1         SUPER DELUXE (1834)       
 BEACH KOLOR 10740             0   1  0   1         SUPER DELUXE (1834)                      [AB-BA-PL-PR-SL-ST-TP-WS]

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD                W  L K TEAM NAME            SLAIN BY              TURN Revenge?
LIMEY LIME LIME 10678   0  5 0 ANITSCARBUTICS 1824  OSRIC 10682           595   
SCURVICIOUS 10679       4  2 0 ANITSCARBUTICS 1824  BONSAI 10709          596   
CID HIGHWIND 10694      2  3 0 FINAL FANTASY 1819   SUDAFEDORA 10672      594  NONE
MADKAWRAW REBOR 10730   0  2 0 MILCHAMAH RETUR 1832 BARRY NELSON 10706    596   
SUDAFEDORA 10672        1  5 1 PHARMANOMICON 1823   CELERIS SSVALEN 10721 595   
DANIEL CRAIG 10659      1  6 0 SHAKN-NOT-STIRD 1820 DARK CHAMPION         596  NONE
LILAC 10711             3  1 0 SHRUBS 1829          DY-QUIL 10675         596   
BLUE JAY 10702          0  1 0 THE SIBLEY'S 1828    DIERDRE 10685         593   

                                     PERSONAL ADS

Hmmm. With that 5-0, and that overall start, I shall merely state let "actions speak 
louder than words" and leave the talking and personal ads to Assur, Hammer, and Jorja. 
-- Rose Of Sharon (The Shrubmaster)

Capt. Pringle -- Would it suprise you to know I've actually been on the love boat as a 
passenger...was right jolly fun.  Sadly, Stubing had long since retired. -- mgr Shakn-

Capt. Pringle -- Why Dame Judi Dench darling.  As for Q, we are still looking for a 
new one, the younster is just not working out.

Bennakyl -- That aws uncalled for... -- Timothy Dalton

Puffer Fish Peril -- What a great fight, I should have won but it was still fun. 
Thanks. -- Roger Moore

XXX -- Guess I picked the wrong fight. -- Barry Nelson

Boozy Soozy -- I really thought I had you on that one. -- Daniel Craig

All -- Hope you all have a great arena fight day.  My team will be back soon.  Like 
the movies say, James Bond will return...

Captain Pringle -- I didn't slay anyone, but was very successful in the Dead 
Tournament. Unfortunately, I will not be joining you and the rest of the living this 
year. Sigh... I guess I'll get back to Ahringol and work under his niece, Bambi 
Zamfreeni, again. She can be a real witch sometimes and work someone to death, no pun 
intended... it's true! Ahringol is a pleasure to work for, so this year may go fast. 
Thanks for the support. -- Ghost of Tifa Lockhart
P.S. I probably won't be able to respond... working in the public relations department 
is time consuming work.

All -- Good luck to all the living! -- Ghost of Tifa

All -- Just as I was getting used to all the people in the arena, they die. Limey Lime 
Lime, Sudafedora, and Cid Highwind, I don't like it. If I would have bloodfeuded, 
Sudafedora may have still been alive. Does "Bloodfeud" work versus anyone on the team 
or only the killer? Sorry, I know my humor is very dark. Now you don't have to worry 
being bloodfeuded. -- Yuffie Kisaragi

All -- There is something I'm not so sure about that Mistress Miaka, Palinc
had hired. Does anyone else notice it? -- Aerith G.

All -- That tournament was amazing! I have never seen so many people... and zombies in 
one place. 3003 warriors! All with their managers, trainers, heralds, and coaches... 
then the specators. What an awesome experience. -- Vincent V.

All -- It was unnerving seeing the fighting animated corpses. Do the dead fighters get 
to keep their fights and skills from the tournament? -- Kimahri

All -- The C.I.C. package has an Encumbrance Chart on it. However, I have heard about 
a mathematical formula to work out exact amount of carry capacity. What is the 
formula, if there is one, and which should I rely on more? Weights matter to me. -- 

All -- Good luck to all the managers and stables in this next quarter of fighting. I 
am feeling good about the team I'm starting this next stretch of duels. Any warrior 
advice is very much appreciated. Message me or diplo me anytime. -- Palinc Kalverus, 
manager of Final Fantasy

Capt Pringle -- Not a bad idea about the can opener... strangely however he did give 
me a bottle opener for some reason. I've never been a fan of beer. -- Timothy Dalton

All -- Everyone, please give our returning agent Sean Connery a salute. We have high 
hopes that his new training will be more effective. -- "M"

All -- The tourney was fun, hope all that went enjoyed themselves. I'm off to a new 
assignment. Hope to see you all soon. -- Daniel Craig
P.S. Go see me in my latest movie.

Daniel Craig -- God speed, agent. -- "M"

All -- Circumstance set sail before the three day blow that struck Noblish Island on 
the eve of the Halloween Tournament. We sailed to Treacle Bay and sought shelter under 
the shadow of Westmount. A shame to miss such a grand event, but preserving 
Circumstance takes precedent. Herebs hoping yball found success in the Tournament 
sands. -- signed Lind Pringle, Captain, Navigator, Naturalist, Gladiatorial 

Osric -- A hit. A most palpable hit! -- LLLbs Ghost

Palinc -- All your warriors are welcome to feast. If all goes well the Spymaster (in 
disguise) will join us. -- signed Capt. Pringle

Rose of Sharon -- Thanks for the welcome! Not sure how competitive this bunch will be! 
Assur may have a more competitive stable than mine! -- Hammer, mgr of Milchamah Return

PS: At least a 1-4 debut is better than an 0-5 and none of my new warriors died on the 

Rose of Sharon -- It figures that the Lady Warriors who are giving my stable some 
problems over at Jade Mountain are your Consortium sisters! -- Hammer, mgr of Vicious 
Fish 2021

Clarification for New Players -- Vicious Fish 2021 recently graduated from here at 
Noblish Island and made their transfer journey over to DM 75 at Jade Mountain after 
completing their ten turns of training! -- Hammer, mgr of the transferred Vicious Fish 
2021 and mgr of the newly arrived Milchamah Return

Valmes Mortalis, mgr of Fallen Worlds -- Thanks for saluting my outgoing fatal fishes! 
Salute! -- Hammer, mgr of Vicious Fish 2021 and Milchamah Return

Mistress Miaka, herald of Final Fantasy -- Salute to you and your stable! Welcome to 
the Noblish Island arena! -- Hammer, Duel 2 Sponsor, mgr of Milchamah Return

Palinc Kalverus, mgr of Final Fantasy -- Nice Herald Hire! Salute to you and your 
stable! -- Hammer, Duel 2 Sponsor, mgr of Milchamah Return

Dalt -- Thanks for the sand dance victory! Salute! -- Maggephah Priest

Julian -- That four-minute sand dance was an exhilarating loss for me! Salute! -- 
Meginnaw Flaming

Scurvious -- I lost with a minimum amount of sweating! Salute! -- Mahatsawd Reborn

Bleys -- My loss was a rough welcome to the arena! Salute! -- Madkawraw Reborn

Raw Red Onion -- During the entirety of my loss I basically served as your punching 
bag! Salute! -- Makkeh Different

New Players -- Odds are that my new stable may provide your warriors with some much-
needed learns and victories during your ten-turn training stay! Looking forward to the 
possible challenges! -- Hammer, Duel 2 Sponsor, mgr of Milchamah Return

New players -- Save your newsletters from this arena.  All that experienced advice in 
one place can be a treasure. -- Jorja

New manager needs equipment help!  I'm slightly confused about item codes for this 
game.  No matter what I try, my fighter will not put on his rabbit ears -- code RA, 
become a bad a$$ when I enter code -- BA, or do sit-ups to become stronger when I tell 
him to work out his abdominals with code -- AB! Also, if I draw little skulls into my 
activity level boxes, will this help scare my opponent away? -- mgr, Fallen Worlds

Sudafed? More like Superdead! ahah! -- C.S.

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

DANIEL CRAIG was butchered by DARK CHAMPION in a 1 minute bloody Dark Arena fight.
YUCCA unbelievably bested STRESS in a exciting 3 minute beginner's Challenge battle.
DOGWOOD was defeated by YUFFIE KISARAGI in a 2 minute Challenge duel.
RAW RED ONION defeated MAHATSAWD REBORN in a 2 minute Challenge fight.
FURIOUS INHALER was subdued by OSRIC in a 3 minute Challenge competition.
SISSON was savagely defeated by XXX in a 3 minute brutal Challenge struggle.
BENNAKYL was unbelievably bested by BLADDERWRACK in a 4 minute Challenge competition.
SAVVI was vanquished by TIMOTHY DALTON in a 1 minute uneven Challenge duel.
BLEYS viciously subdued LEMON J in a action packed 3 minute gruesome Challenge fight.
ZAIUS was defeated by INTERRUPTIONS in a 2 minute Challenge fight.
BONSAI executed SCURVICIOUS in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge melee.
PAPPY BLUE RIBS defeated M. CHARDINEE in a 3 minute Title match.
AZALEA subdued DIEBUPROFEN in a crowd pleasing 1 minute competition.
CELERIS SSVALEN was viciously subdued by FRATSFA SLAVE in a 4 minute novice's battle.
LILAC was executed by DY-QUIL in a 1 minute mismatched conflict.
BUD THE WISER was overpowered by DIERDRE in a 1 minute one-sided duel.
DALT devastated LADY SNUSNA in a 1 minute uneven duel.
ROGER MOORE overpowered 24-7 SUPPORT in a 1 minute mismatched brawl.
PRESSURE viciously subdued MEGINNAW FLAMING in a 2 minute brutal novice's fight.
BOOZY SOOZY was beaten by DELAYS in a 4 minute novice's bout.
BARRY NELSON assassinated MADKAWRAW REBORN in a 1 minute mismatched conflict.
BRADDOCK GRIMMS bested SEAN CONNERY in a 3 minute gruesome novice's bout.
MAKKEH DIFFERENT was savagely defeated by VINCENT V. in a 3 minute beginner's bout.
MAGGEPHAH PRIEST slimly lost to RIKKU in a 2 minute brutal novice's contest.
AERITH G. savagely defeated RAINBOW FLAVORS in a 2 minute brutal beginner's fight.
KIMAHRI outlasted BEACH KOLOR in a tiring 17 minute novice's duel.
*PANDA* was demolished by AMOXIKILLIN in a 1 minute one-sided melee.
DARK CHOCOLATE won victory over MORDANT DESERTER in a 3 minute novice's fray.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|BASHING ATTACK                   8         PARRY-STRIKE       5 -   3 -  0      63  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    7         LUNGING ATTACK    35 -  22 -  1      61  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      6         TOTAL PARRY       29 -  20 -  0      59  |
|AIMED BLOW                       6         PARRY-LUNGE       12 -   9 -  1      57  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  5         SLASHING ATTACK   23 -  19 -  2      55  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    5         AIMED BLOW        25 -  21 -  2      54  |
|LUNGING ATTACK                   5         STRIKING ATTACK   29 -  33 -  3      47  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      4         BASHING ATTACK    37 -  44 -  2      46  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  4         WALL OF STEEL     15 -  27 -  1      36  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     2         PARRY-RIPOSTE      9 -  19 -  0      32  |

Turn 596 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

PARRY-STRIKE       2 -  0     PARRY-RIPOSTE      2 -  3         3  BASHING ATTACK 
TOTAL PARRY        4 -  2     AIMED BLOW         2 -  4         2  SLASHING ATTACK
STRIKING ATTACK    3 -  2     LUNGING ATTACK     1 -  4         1  TOTAL PARRY    
WALL OF STEEL      4 -  3                                       1  PARRY-RIPOSTE  
PARRY-LUNGE        2 -  2                                       1  LUNGING ATTACK 
SLASHING ATTACK    2 -  2                                       1  PARRY-LUNGE    
BASHING ATTACK     4 -  4                                       1  STRIKING ATTACK
                                                                1  AIMED BLOW     

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
SLASHING ATTACK  PAPPY BLUE RIBS 10666       7   3  1   73 BEER BELLIES (1821)
BASHING ATTACK   AZALEA 10708                4   0  0   43 SHRUBS (1829)
TOTAL PARRY      YUCCA 10710                 3   1  0   42 SHRUBS (1829)
PARRY-RIPOSTE    YUFFIE KISARAGI 10653       5   2  0   40 FINAL FANTASY (1819)
LUNGING ATTACK   STRESS 10696                3   2  0   34 BB BIG PROJECTS (1827)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is XXX 10662.  The most popular warrior this turn was 
BENNAKYL 10673.  The ten other most popular fighters were BLEYS 10684, STRESS 10696, 
10743, VINCENT V. 10720, AERITH G. 10719, and INTERRUPTIONS 10698.

The least popular fighter this week was KIMAHRI 10731.  The other ten least popular 
fighters were BEACH KOLOR 10740, *PANDA* 10739, RAINBOW FLAVORS 10742, MADKAWRAW 
10725, BUD THE WISER 10692, and LILAC 10711.