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Coordination statements

Coordination:  (SP + DF)

0 – 16Clumsy
17 – 20Slightly Uncoordinated
21 – 27Normal (no statement)
28 – 31Highly Coordinated
32 – 40Very Highly Coordinated
41 – 42Marvel Of Fighting Coordination

Note: RSI refined, or corrected the requirements for Coordination at the time they dropped the letter prefix from the character ID Number. The above table contains no exceptions for warriors created since that time.


Dmobster & Pagan

Included in coordination is the possibility to receive a Coordination Sub-Statement:

With the ability to use a weapon in each hand


This Sub-Statement allows a warrior to be Quasi-Ambidextrous. That means that a warrior is less hampered in using a weapon in his off hand, than warriors without this statement. A warrior can only receive this Sub-Statement if:

(Speed + Deftness) > 28

; AND ;

(Speed & Deftness) > 14

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