A Play-By-Mail Game of Gladiatorial Combat
These pages 1995-2007

A bloodthirsty crowd roars as the gladiators enter the arena. Nervous but hardheaded team managers watch from their battle crested pavillions. Will months of training and patiently rehearsed strategy pay off with an arena victory? Or will all be lost on the jagged blade of an opponent's sword?

Apart, on the throne of honor, the Duelmaster looks on, a body of knotted muscles and scars a testimony to his honor. His visage is impassive but his thoughts boil. How long before some young warrior's sword finds his heart - perhaps one of those he now watches? He shakes himself, casting aside dark thoughts. For the moment, he is the Duelmaster, Champion of the Games. His smoldering eyes scan the arena floor where the warriors assume their fighting stances. He raises his clenched fist and the gladiators leap forward... Victory, disgrace, or death lies waiting on the open sand.

Duelmaster Info - Everything you need to know about weapon selection, attributes, skill charts, weapon favorites, bloodgames, and more.
Duelmaster Warrior Design - Enter the stats and generate the warrior overview. Now available in Excel spreadsheet from Guitar Lord!
Duelmaster Census - Manager and affiliation info for all arenas.
Duelmaster Fights, Overviews, & Proofs - Read some more of the good stuff on-line.
Duelmaster Newsletters - Exact copies of DM newsletters, with style information on warriors. Sample.
The Hoser Report online! - A strategy newsletter from way back in 1987.

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For the record, my manager name is Terrablood. I've been playing since ~1988 but I've only started using this manager name in 1996. You probably never heard of me before, but I'm sure you've run into my brethren on the sands.

If you need to contact RSI or are interested in a free setup, simply send email with your name, address, and that you want to try the Duelmasters PBM game. Tell them you heard of it from TerraBlood's Webpage!

Some literature and images copyrighted RSI, used with permission.