A more in-depth look at Avatar Design matrixes:

After looking at a number of Avatar matrixes, it was easy to see that certain abilities needed a set number of points to increase to the next rating. However, the interesting thing is that different Avatars start with different 'start points' for their base rating in each ability. For instance, Avatars starting with a MIGHTY rating in DEF can need either 10, 30, or 50 points to increase to RENOWNED. What does this mean? Not much, if just looking at one ability. Add them all together, and these difference can mean two Avatars with exact starting base ratings could have a 500+ point difference to max out. The only true way to compare Avatars is to get the actual design matrix in order to determine their numbers... This page is just here for info junkies like me.

Design Matrix:

AbilityCITY: Starting Points at ability level
Bonus MAG:100?25?25,502525,5025,5025?????
Bonus MIS:??25?25,5025,5025,50?25?????
Bonus MEL:??505050,1005025?100?????
Bonus MR:??10?1010102010,20?????
Bonus DEF:??505050,10010,5050,10050??????

Increase Costs:

Abilityfine to suprsupr to ultiulti to dividivi to max
MAG & MIS:25305040
MEL & DEF:506010080
Abilityfine to supesupe to ultiulti to dividivi to max
Bonus MAG & MIS:255075100
Bonus MEL & DEF:50100150200
Bonus MR:10203040


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