Forgotten Realms Items

1Armor of QualityVillage1046
2Enchanted LeatherTown1557
3Enchanted Scale Town2579
4Enchated ChainmailCity35910
5Enchated PlatemailMetro451011
6Cloaks of ProtectionTown25137
7Scarabs of ProtectionCity35168
8Rings of ProtectionMetro45189
9Weapons of QualityVillage175
10Enchanted WeaponsTown307
11Mithral WeaponsCity408
12Adamantite WeaponsMetro609
13Bows of QualitySettle104
14Enchanted BowsVillage256
15Light CatapultsVillage175
17Heavy CatapultsCity408
19Oil of Fiery BurningTown256
20Javelins of LightningCity408
21Necklace of MisslesMetro609
22Arrow of DirectionTown254
23Boots of SpeedCity406
24Adjatha the Drinker Sword6599
25Armor of Command80444447
26Blood of Karsus 801010
27Brooch of Shielding25108
28Cloak of Displacement38810
29Clock of Reflection38119
30Crystal Ball411
31Crossbow of Distance605
32Crown of Horns8055555
33Defender Blade6087
34Drums of Panic408
35Eyes of Charming4064
36First Tablet of Fate666
37Flagon of Dragon7310
38Folding Boat335
39Girdle of Giant Str509
40Hammer of Thunderbolts7377
41Harp of Charming3777
42Helm of Brilliance6096
43Helm of Teleportation76416
44Holy Avenger6399
45Horn of Blasting509
46Horm of Valhalla23517
47Laeral's Storm Armor501111
48Luck Blade3777
49Luck Stone18244
50Orb of Holiness20011014
51Platemail Etherealness601013
52Ring-Djinni Summoning66244444
53Ring-Elemental Command5746
54Ring-Fire Resistance916
56Ring-Spell Turning3269
60Robes of the Archmagi33516
61Rod of Absorption41710
62Rod of Passage507
63Scarab of Insanity499
64Second Tablet of Fate666
65Sphere of Annihilation99559
66Staff of Fury49775
67Staff of Healing1931
68Staff of the Magi6096
69Staff of Power47853
70Targath the Blood Brand68964
71Vorpal Sword7310
72Wand of Illusion41444


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