Myrkul(A28), Lord of Bones

provided by Tim Knoblauch
summond in: City

Design Matrix:

AbilityPoints needed for ability levelPoints
Bonus MAG:Mighty000002575125175225275325400500_____
Bonus MIS:Superior000050100150200250300350400475575_____
Bonus MEL:Mighty00000501502503504505506508001000_____
Bonus MR:Dire0000000020406080110150_____
Bonus DEF:Mighty00000501502503504505506508001000_____
HIT:5020 per hit (maximum HIT:250)_____
Bonus HIT:0500 per Bonus HIT (maximum Bonus HIT: 3)_____
MP:1002 per MP (maximum MP: 250)_____
Bonus MP:1010 per Bonus MP (maximum Bonus MP: 220)_____
Total points to spend

The Avatar Design infocard displays a matrix of all of your Avatar's basic abilities as well as the design point cost to raise each ability beyond its starting value. For each ability, Magic, Missile, Melee, Magic Resistance, Defense, Hits, and Movement Points, for both base and Bonus areas, the matrix displays the avatar's initial ability rating (example, Mighty). This initial ability rating costs 0 design points. For most abilities, the total cost to increase beyond the starting value is listed under the relevant rating column. For Hits and Movement Points, the starting value is displayed numerically and a cost per point increase is listed to the right. The maximum value is listed in parenthesis. The total amount of design points available to your realm for enhancing your avatar's basic abilities is listed at the bottom of the design matrix. The total points you spend in each of the matric rows may not exceed a combined total equal to or less than the total points you have available. The final ability of your Avatar will depend upon the way you choose to allocate points using the design matrix. Good luck!


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