War of the Avatars PBM Game
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I'm looking for Avatar matrixes. If you have any, please contact me!

Actual rules and info on the game can be found at the RSI homepage. This site is for detailed information not available to the average player.

Setup and info
Main Rules
Order Chart
Sequence of Events
Terrain Effects
Force Size
Unit type information
Item type information
Known communities
Player communities
Q&A Section
XP info from Illusion
FR Gamers List
FR Stats History List
FR Color Map
Tablets of Fate
FR Cities Page

Formula for Best Avatar
Details on Matrixes
Matrix for Annam(A1)
Matrixes for Azuth(A3)
Matrix for Bhaal(A6)
Matrix for Clanggedin(A7)
Matrix for Corellon(A8)
Matrix for Denier(A10)
Matrixes for Gond(A13)
Matrix for Ilmater(A17)
Matrix for Leira(A21)
Matrix for Malar(A24)
Matrix for Mielikki(A26)
Matrix for Moradin(A27)
Matrix for Myrkul(A28)
Matrix for Mystra(A29)
Matrix for Selune(A31)
Matrix for Semuanya(A32)
Matrix for Solonor(A33)
Matrix for Talos(A36)
Matrix for Torm(A38)
Matrix for Tyr(A40)
Matrix for Tempus(A37)
Matrix for Yeenoghu(A42)

If you need to contact RSI or are interested in a free setup, simply send email with your name, address, and that you want to try the Forgotten Realms PBM game. Tell them you heard of it from TerraBlood's Webpage!

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