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The Super-Absorbant Striker


Strength: 11
Constitution: 14
Size: 13
Wit: 3
Will: 17
Speed: 3
Deftness: 9


The main idea with this design is to create a warrior that can take a lot of punishment and has great endurance or better. The priorities for adding points are Will, Strength, and Con. A large size is okay, too. This warrior will look really bad on the overview. It will probably have four or five negative wit statements. But that’s okay! This beast is not ADM material and also won’t be too effective in the Champions and above classes. Still, it’s good for the win percentage early on. Send it to the DA when it starts losing. This warrior makes an excellent scout and also good for challenging those who pose a threat to your low-con godlings.

How do you run it?

Versus offensives, wear plenty of armor (ASM minimum) They’l beat you for a couple of minutes, then drop from exhaustion. You won’t get many swings in, but with your high damage bonus you shouldn’t need many. Run 10-10-x for 1-2 minutes and desparation. Versus scum go naked and try 7-5-x for three minutes and then 5-1-5 thereafter and in desperation. Your endurance will give you the win when his armor wears him down. Train nothing but stats with this warrior; he’s not a long-termer anyway.

Weapon selection: the low wit hurts, but try some of the bashing weapons like the mace (13ST, 3WT) If you can get a 7 wit, then use the broadsword.

Brought to you by Captain K., fighter for NIMROD.

Strikers R Us

     Greetings, everyone.  It is I, Talon, again.  I am very glad to see everyone 
participating in the arena and sharing their thoughts on styles and strategies.  This 
turn I will take on the striking attack style, which is certainly one of my favorites.
     I believe the striker is one of the easiest styles to run, and one in which no 
team should be without.  A high-powered striker can diversify and empower your team.  
A well run striker can beat any other style, period, at any level in regular 
Duelmasters.  In arenas where scum TPs are rampant, strikers are just the answer as 
they can attack for up to 12 minutes or more.  Strikers are versatile.  They can do 
exceptionally well with a dagger as a weapon or with a halberd.  They can do well with 
no armor or with plate armor.


               Biff     Primal         Solid         Perfect
ST             5-21      9-17           13             15
CN              3+        3+             6              3
SZ             9-21      3-17            9              5
WT             3-17      17 +           17             21
WL             9-17      13 +           17             15
SP              5+       5-13            9              8
DF              9+       9-17           13             17

     With the way I design strikers, there are essentially two strikers that evolve.  
The BIFF and the PRIMAL.  The Biff striker is typically one that is not looking long-
term, but one which I want to run and have fun with.  With this striker, I try to have 
one stat (wit, will, or deftness) which is extraordinary, one which is average, and 
the other ends up being at some non-normal level.  Some examples of the Biff are: 10-
10-11-4-17-17-15, 7-11-17-17-11-6-15, 9-5-14-17-11-13-15, 4-8-17-15-13-10-17, and 21-
3-15-21-5-8-11.  With these warriors, the emphasis is on having fun and learning more 
about the style.
     The Primal is essentially a Primus-quality warrior.  In this category, the 
striker will be designed with stats that most other managers will gasp, "OH MY, WHY 
DID YOU MAKE HIM A STRIKER?"  It is also the warrior that will be Duelmaster for 8 
straight turns and will go to ADM with a 16-4-2 record, with 4 Masters and an Ad Ex.  
The key here is to create a warrior with AT LEAST a 17 wit and 15 deftness, along with 
a 13+ will and who will do normal damage or better.  The goal with the Primal is a 21 
wit and 17 deftness, because this will ensure a great warrior.
     Weapons and Armor:  As for weapons, the best striking weapons that I have found 
and used are the dagger, epee, scimitar, broadsword, quarterstaff, greatsword, 
longsword, war hammer, and sometimes the short spear.  I don't run my strikers with 
shields or off-hand weapons, as it takes away from their attack.  The heaviest armor I 
will use is padded leather.  Always wear a steel cap or a helm.

Strategy (general):

Min.           1    2    3    4    5    6+   Desp
OE             10   8    6    6    6    5    5
AL             10   5    4    2    2    1    8
KD             6    8    6    6    6    5    5
attack         arms/legs/head -- take your pick
protect        arms/legs/head -- take your pick
off tactic     decise, slash, bash,  depending on weapon
def tactic     response is best; try dodge though.

     With this strategy, a striker with a normal endurance should fight for eight 
minutes as a scum TP and come out on top, outrageously victorious.  Just match your 
weapon with your tactic and only use the tactics in minute one or desperation.
     If you have any further questions on this or any other style, feel free to diplo 

                                                  Talon, mgr. Eagle's Claw

The No Fear Striker


Strength: 9+
Constitution: ANY
Size: ANY
Wit: 17, 21
Will: (15)
Speed: ANY
Deftness: 11+

Meet the requirements, then add points to where ever you wish.


The No Fear Striker is just as it’s name says, Fearless. To win or to die. That is the mentality one must have if they commit to this type of warrior. It is not just a design, it is the way you run it that makes or breaks this warrior.

The No Fear Striker’s Oath:

Never wear armor of any kind.

Always carry one weapon, no backup.

Only train skills, unless you need strength for a weapon.

Challenge the warriors with the most experience, regardless of their class.

This strategy is hard for some to swallow, but if comitted to it, you’re warrior will be one of the best, or he will die!!

Strength: 9+ Why? For the Scimitar of course. Having 11 or 13 is only a plus (more good weaons). Don’t worry about Damage ratings and Carry, you’ll win just as well with a 9 ST.

Constitution: Any works fine. More con will help out Damage taking and Endurance, But this guy will still win with low con.

Size: Again, any will do as long as you have the other requirements.

Wit: Ah, this is the important part and vital to your warriors overall success. You need a 17 to 21 wit for good skill learns. Strikers start out with one of the lowest skill bases, but this guy evens up the odds real quick.

Will: (15) Actually, a lot of different numbers will work, but 15 is pretty much giving you an even shot at success later in the game. I usually make a warrior with more will into something else.

Speed: Anything, really!! Low or high numbers will work. You are depending on your Wit, so leave speed alone.

Deftness: 11 is all you need for this guy’s choice weapons. More Deftness always helps for making him better if you have the points.

Weapons: The weapons which make this guy great are the Scimitar, Longsword, Broadsword, and Quarterstaff. If you don’t have 11 ST, stick with the Scimitar, you’ll do great. Daggers work nicely against low armored opponents.

Armor: Read the No Fear Striker’s Oath, above.

Strategy: Go all out, but not berserk. 10-10-(5-7) is real nice. Use Decise against most opponents, no tactic against opponents you think will use responsiveness against you. Against scum, lower that Activity level, and raise your Kill Desire and start hacking away. This guy is fearless, not stupid, so I’d advise running him with a moderate Offensive Effort and a high to very high activity level in desparation.

Examples: These are all actual No Fear Strikers that I currently run. Three are recent tv’s and one is the recent mail in Initiates TC. They all have winning records.

10-4-10-21-15-11-13 Ambi, poor endurance, good Damage.

6-12-11-21-15-8-11 Ambi, normal endurance, normal Damage. This guys’ funny, I run him with daggers. I don’t think he’s anything special though.

13-5-11-21-15-6-13 Normal endurance, Great Damage.

9(1)-6-11-21-15-12-11 Poor endurance, good Damage. Maxed Decise in 13 FE.

10-12-9-17-15-10-11 Normal edurance, good Damage.

13-6-9-17-15-13-11 Normal endurance, good Damage.

9-10-14-21-15-4-11 Normal endurance, great Damage, maxed Decise in 15 FE.

Mr. Mojo, The Fun Bunch


     Like many others, I have experimented with the striker style, though I waited 
nearly two years into playing this game before doing so.  Recently, while preparing 
for a tournament, I was reviewing the many roll-up sheets I had ordered in hopes that 
I might find a warrior or two who might have a good chance at a TV, or even a TC 
prize.  Most of the roll-ups were born losers, or mediocre warriors at best, so I 
decided to experiment with the striker style.
     Most managers will agree that in order for a warrior to have a long-term 
potential (Primus), you need a will of at least 15.  I wouldn't know, never having 
gotten a warrior that far.  However, not all roll-ups will give you the opportunity 
for a 15+ WT/WL/DF combo.  With that in mind, I made a few high WT, high DF, low WL 
strikers and hoped for the best.  I was relying on their superior decise to get in the 
first blow, and hoping to finish off the opposition before they had a chance to swing 
back.  Before you mega-managers say it, yes these guys would have made good, albeit 
extremely fragile aimed blows with the stats such as the following.  I know, I had one 
with similar stats TV at the same tournament with a 9-1-0 record.  However, I am 
writing about the low-will striker, not aimed blows.

The result:

11-12-10-19-9-6-17   &   9-12-12-19-7-4-21

     These guys have absolutely no realistic long-term potential once past basic, 
assuming they live that long (that single digit will is a killer).  However, #1 
managed to go 8-2-1 in the tournament, picking up an impressive 18 skill sin the 
process.  he also managed to take out all 4 TP scum he faced, going 9 minutes in one 
fight, and 5 in another (his overview claimed "poor endurance").  #2 started with very 
"little endurance," yet managed to last 8 minutes vs. a TP-ratings, and had no problem 
sending those pesky TP-scum desperate before the end of the first minute.
     Give your striker a scimitar and let him go out 10-10-7 decise.  With the high-
decise style advantage strikers get, he should get in the first, and hopefully last, 
blow.  Slow him down to about 6-4-6 minute 2, then go 6-1-1 thereafter.  He'll either 
have won or lost by the end of the 3rd minute vs. most opponents.  Have him come out 
at 6-4-6 (min 1), 6-2-6 (min 2), and 6-1-6 (min 3+) vs. TP-scum.  I aim for the legs 
(I don't know of anybody who protects the legs, especially at tournaments), though if 
you want to go for the kills, aim for the head.
     Will these kind of rollups TV every time?  NO!  Their problem is a distinct 
aversion to pain, one blow will usually do them in.  It is, however, a far better way 
of enjoying those frustrating low WL warriors than simply writing DA on the strategy 
     If you are really gutsy, run these guys in the arena.  They are a sure bet to be 
killed before their 15th fight, but will probably have a winning record when they die.
     Comments, derision and just about anything else welcome.

                                             Diplo Blind Man, Red Branch (3)

How to build a Rabbit Striker


Strength: 9+
Constitution: Varies
Size: Varies
Wit: 17, 21
Will: 9
Speed: 9+
Deftness: 11, 15, 17, 21


ST: Needs a 9 or better for the SC. Other than that, balance ST and SZ to try to get good or better damage.

CN: Usually 7 or less, if it gets over 13 start looking at PS as a style.

SZ: You’re stuck with what you get, just remember to balance it with ST to get good or better damage!

WT: 17 or 21 do I need to say any more?

WL: 9 is plenty for a Striker. If he’s 13+ I start looking at other styles.

SP: 9 is the minimum, I like to make my strikers either high speed/low deftness or low speed/high deftness. I’ve had good experiences with both.

DF: I prefer 11 or better, but have went lower if I can get 21WT and SP13+, other than that see above.

Another Important area for all styles is the physicals, encumbrance and endurance.

CN: effects Damage taking, encumbrance and endurance.

SZ: effects Damage (taking and giving).

I normally start my Strikers out fast 10-10-?. I usually run decise in min 1 and open in all other min’s and response in desparation. After he has AE in decise drop the min 1 tactic. I manage the Rascally Rabbit probably one of the better known strikers in the last year or so and he always ran open once he had his AE in decise.

Here are a few examples.

1) 11-7-10-21-11-13-11

2) 12-4-7-21-9-10-21

3) 13-8-3-21-11-17-11

#1 is the Rascally Rabbit 4TV’s.

#2 Made it to round 9 at the last face.

#3 Just went 6-0-0 in the Chimlevtal Olympic’s, his problem was that he didn’t start to win until he had a master in ATT because he did very lttle damage (That Physicals thing)

Rascally Rabbit

Crimson Strikers

    Greetings, fellow managers, I, Crimson Strategist, shall share my thoughts with 
you on the striking attack style.
     This style developed in cultures where weapon quality surpassed that of the 
armors, this made landing the first blow vital.  This blow is usually delivered in a 
downward fashion quickly, surely, and with power in a minimal of wasted motion.
     Here's how I rate the stats:
     ST 11-15: Never go below 11, strikers are well suited to ALL the weapons in the 
game and 11 allows the use of the majority of them.  They also need to hurt their foe 
when they hit, thus making this an important consideration for damage rating.
     CN 3-9:  This whole style revolves around finishing your foe quickly, if your foe 
has time to develop a complex formal attack on your striker, then you're not fighting 
him properly.  A properly run striker should never be hit more than four or five 
times, any more than this and the whole concept behind this style gets thrown right 
out the window, therefore I rate con as the least important attribute for this style.
     SZ 9-16:  A size of 9 allows use of all the weapons and it is important in 
determining your damage rating, plus, it also adds to your init and this style thrives 
on init.
     WT 13+:  As with any style, the higher the better.  13 is rock bottom, it allows 
the use of all weapons except the epee and you'll still learn at a decent pace.
     WL 7-13: This style conserves endurance which allows this attribute to go 
considerably less than most styles and still fight effectively for a respectable 
length of time.  I've had strikers with a 13 ST, 3 CN, and 5 WL get poor endurance 
ratings and ones with 11 ST, 6 CN, and 9 WL get normal.  However, if you want some 
long term potential, you'd want to be around 13 or so.
     SP 10+: This is very important for decise and init skills which are the heart of 
this style.  Landing the first blow and finishing the fight quickly is hinged on your 
striker's speed.
     DF 15+:  This is crucial attribute for this style, they NEED to be precise with 
their blows, plus, it also adds to their init.  Get to 17 or 21 if possible.
     Now let's take a look at the style itself.  The striking attack is one of the 
easiest styles to run, yet they have adversity that many styles lack.  As I've said 
before, a striker can use ALL the weapons in the game.  They can fight effectively 
wearing plate armor and no armor, they can use EVERY tactic in the game be it 
offensive or defensive, a striker can fight like a lunger or basher, ripper or 
slasher, etc... provided that you match up their strategy with the appropriate tactic 
and weapon.  They can beat ALL the styles in DM and beyond if you choose their 
strategy correctly for that particular style vs. style matchup.
     Here are some examples of style vs. style matchups for strikers and various 
tactic selections vs. the different styles.
     High decise strikers over slashers and lungers, strikers over total parry and 
wall of steel, rippers over strikers, etc...
     Using the decise tactic vs. lungers, slashers, and aimed blows.  Using the lunge 
tactic vs. rippers and aimed blows, using no tactic and having a moderate offensive 
effort and moderate activity level vs. total parries and wall of steel, etc...
     The possible variations for this style are virtually endless.
     Now let's take a brief look at your striker overview and glean some helpful hints 
on how to fight them.  If you see statements like "relying on speed to stay out of 
danger" or "avoiding rather than trading blows," this is telling you that your AL 
should be moderate to high.  If he does great damage, then don't use weapons like the 
epee or shortsword, this would be an underutilization of his strengths.  If he learns 
attack skills easily, then this is telling you that he likes to take his time and pick 
his shots so don't send him out with a 10 OE!  If you see statements like "has learned 
how to be a decisive and quick fighter," then by all means USE the decise tactic with 
a high OE.  Don't send him out with offhand weapons unless he's ambidextrous, if you 
do, it will take away from his attack.  As you can see, the various statements on your 
overview are very helpful in telling you how your striker likes to fight.
     Here's a very general strategy that has worked well for my strikers.

OE             10   8    7    7    7    6    6       Armor: ARM to ACM
AL              4   3    2    1    1    1    8       Weapons: BS,LO,SC,GS,BA
KD              6   6    6    6    6    6    5
ATT LOC        Head, body, arms
PRO LOC        Head or body
OFF TCT        Decise or bash
DEF TCT        Response or dodge

     Before I close there is one last point I wish to emphasize, USE the 
challenge/avoid system, it will help control who you fight and when.  In closing, I 
would like to thank the following managers for their diplos and articles which helped 
me learn the game: Sir Jessie Jest, Talon, Tex, the managers on the roundtable, and 
numerous others who took their time to put quill and ink on parchment and pass their 
knowledge on to others, thanks!
     Many of you know the Crimson Death stables or soon will know them since I plan to 
have quite a few of them up and running, however, some of them will be on and off due 
to monetary fluctuations so if you wish to diplo me with any comments, criticisms, 
whatever, send them to my home arena, which, from here on out, will always be active.

                                                  Crimson Strategist
                                                  Crimson Death DM 61

Asylum’s Colossus Striker


Strength: 15-21
Constitution: variable
Size: 15-21
Wit: 3-21
Will: 9-13
Speed: 3-7
Deftness: 3-21


This is the blueprint for a certain type of striker that I’ve been experimenting with lately. I currently have a handful of these warriors, and all are doing very well; their composite record is roughly 25-10-3. This sort of striker relies on two primary things: a) Inflicting damage; b) Accuracy. This naturally entails that they will have weaknesses in the following areas: a) Getting the jump/Decisciveness/Speed; b) either a low Wit or Deft.

Let me go through these four factors, one by one. To get an acceptable damage rating (at least TREMENDOUS), careful gauging and planning of distribution of ST in accordance to SZ is important.

A couple examples:

Warrior #1: ST 21/SZ 16 = Tremendous.

Warrior #2: ST 21/ SZ 15 = Tremendous

Warrior #3: ST 15/SZ 20 = Awesome.

Note that it may be a good idea to NOT max out ST to 21 on the initial rollup; instead, I stop at 19 or 20 – this way if I happen to receive an unlucky damage roll, I’ll have one or two more chances to get that elusive Tremendous or Awesome. The second advantage to this style of striker is accuracy. This is obtained primarily with Deftness. A current striker I manage has ST 21/ DF 21, and is doing very nicely. However, because of the need for lots of points in the areas of ST and SZ, along with DF, the other stats will inevitably suffer. This may mean a low Wit warrior with little long term potential (though note that the high DF will give numerous initial skills).

A good alternative I have found, is to have a high Wit, and low Deft. Strikers of this kind still place blows with efficiency, and tend to have better long term potential. An example is a ST 19/WT 17/DF 5 warrior I manage. Thus, as I have indicated above, there will generally NOT be enough points left over after the heaping of ST and SZ, so either WT or DF must suffer – BUT NOT BOTH! The final, and most crucial, weakness of this style is their inability to strike the first blow against fast offensives, especially fellow strikers.

This is due to the low SP.


a) Try running Resp. in the 1st minute; this works remarkably well (against DECISE using opponents only!), as my strikers amazingly parrying blow after blow, and eventually gain the upper hand in the second minute.

b) Use fast weapons: HA, DA, QS, SS, and perhaps even FI – remember, with their high damage rating, the need for a strong weapon is negated.

However, the high strength also allows the use of the ML or HL against scum opponents.

c) Wear no armor – but make sure you can take a hit or two!

d) Aiming for the HE or RA/LA seems to finish off opponents the fastest.

I’d love to hear of any warriors you’ve run (or intend to run) using this template!

Please email me at: if you wish to correspond, or for questions, etc.

Asylum, mgr. of Traumatophobia (DM 48, 105), Divine Colony (105), Isolation House (24), Murderscene (36), and countless other (inactive) teams.

P.S. This design was inspired and influenced by the “Biff Striker” of the early 90’s; for more information on the Biff Striker, which was more of a long-term design, email me and I’ll see if I can dig up that article for you.