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How to build a Rabbit Striker

Strength: 9+
Constitution: Varies
Size: Varies
Wit: 17, 21
Will: 9
Speed: 9+
Deftness: 11, 15, 17, 21


ST: Needs a 9 or better for the SC. Other than that, balance ST and SZ to try to get good or better damage.

CN: Usually 7 or less, if it gets over 13 start looking at PS as a style.

SZ: You’re stuck with what you get, just remember to balance it with ST to get good or better damage!

WT: 17 or 21 do I need to say any more?

WL: 9 is plenty for a Striker. If he’s 13+ I start looking at other styles.

SP: 9 is the minimum, I like to make my strikers either high speed/low deftness or low speed/high deftness. I’ve had good experiences with both.

DF: I prefer 11 or better, but have went lower if I can get 21WT and SP13+, other than that see above.

Another Important area for all styles is the physicals, encumbrance and endurance.

CN: effects Damage taking, encumbrance and endurance.

SZ: effects Damage (taking and giving).

I normally start my Strikers out fast 10-10-?. I usually run decise in min 1 and open in all other min’s and response in desparation. After he has AE in decise drop the min 1 tactic. I manage the Rascally Rabbit probably one of the better known strikers in the last year or so and he always ran open once he had his AE in decise.

Here are a few examples.

1) 11-7-10-21-11-13-11

2) 12-4-7-21-9-10-21

3) 13-8-3-21-11-17-11

#1 is the Rascally Rabbit 4TV’s.

#2 Made it to round 9 at the last face.

#3 Just went 6-0-0 in the Chimlevtal Olympic’s, his problem was that he didn’t start to win until he had a master in ATT because he did very lttle damage (That Physicals thing)

Rascally Rabbit

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