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Mojo’s Parry Riposte

Strength: 9+ 
Constitution: 10+ 
Size: ANY 
Wit: 17+ 
Will: 15+ 
Speed: 3+ (low) 
Deftness: 15+ (11 if high Size) 


The Parry Riposte is my favorite style, because if designed and ran right, it 
can win in any arena, and they're so fun to run!! 

ST: I chose 9 as a minimum because you want to use the Scimitar early on. 

CN: You need con not only for a PR to stay alive but also to win early on. 

SZ: With 8 - 11, go by my statistics, but with higher size you can have as low 
as 11 deftness, and with lower size you should have more con. 

WT: You need at least 17 in this area to have a chance to learn a lot and 
stay competitive. While making a 21 wit PR could have him learning more 
skills on average, I would assign more points to Deftness or Will before 
going for a 21 wit. 

WL: A lower will PR can still win in regular DM, but has no long term 
potential. 15 will gives you good chance to train stats in the future as 
well as a good shot at normal+ endurance. 

SP: Sure if you design a high speed PR you'll start out with more riposte 
skills, but every one I've designed with low speed by these standards has 
been highly blessed in riposte. 

DF: High deftness PR's do quite nicely. The only way I'd except a PR with 
11 deftness was if it had a good amount of con and high size. DF 11 is the 
very minimum for this design because it's another requirement for the 
Scimitar. Trust me, PR's with low deftness and Shortswords just plain suck!! 

Weapons and Armor: 

Use a Scimitar with an off hand Shortsword early in their career. When they 
achieve a Master in riposte, switch to the Epee w/Shortsword against low 
weights and the Longsword w/Shortsword against all others. You can wear up 
to ARM+F, but don't go any higher. I've had much success running with less, 
but you're taking more of a risk. 

Tactics and Rythms: 

If you're running with the 11 DF/high Size type, try scumming you're 
opponents or going on the offensive with something like 6-6-x Lunge or no 
tactic. If you have my regular design type, run 2-2-x Parry for the first 
two minutes then go something like 4-4-4 Riposte in minute 3 and then back 
to low/low Parry afterward. Parry in Desperation. Against scum, use one 
weapon and the Lunge tactic. Against Lungers and Bashers use the Riposte 
tactic and moderate numbers in minute one then a Parry strategy afterward. 


I would recommend only training skills until you reach ADM, but do so if you 
need a physical rating or weapon requirement. 


10-10-12-17-15-3-17, my warrior in Simtakka, with a 6-2 record. She learns an 
average of 3.4 skills an arena fight. 

Good luck!! 

Mr. Mojo 
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