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Parry-Lunge – views on stategy

Strength: 09 - 11 
Constitution: 09 - 13 
Size: 07 - 09 
Wit: 15 - 21 
Will: 17 - 21 
Speed: 07 - 09 
Deftness: 13 - 17 

Comments_advice: PL is my favorite style though as you can see by the 
standards I place on them I don't have a great number of them. The above 
numbers are not overly surprising as they fit what I'd call the basic views 
on roll-ups today (High Wt/Wl/Df). Where my opinion on PL changes is in the 
strategy area. I fight PL's a little more aggressive than most managers I've 
spoken with.   10-08-06 unmodified min 1, 06-08-06 min 2 on, 06-10-05 dodge 
in desp. Using LO or SC with a shield and wearing ALE/L or APL/H. 

   Over the years I've had a lot of success with this strategy, though my 
PL's tend to die around champion level *frown*.   I believe this more due 
to a personal curse than the strategy. 

Note: That many managers claim a lower strategy lvl is better for PL's, 
something like 3-4-3, 3-3-3, and so on. I've tried these strategies 
numerous times and have never had the success experienced when going 10-08-06. 
In fact I lost my best ever PL during the Charlotte face to face when I 
second guessed myself and changed her strategy to what everyone was praising 
as a great PL strategy.   A painful lesson I learned that day: 'Use what works'
 not what is rumored to work. 

My best advise is that you give both strategies a try than play around with 
the numbers until you find what works for you. 

Things of Note: 

*Lower size = higher strength. 

*21 Will makes the best PL (opinion). 

*Very Low spd (3-5) has shown poor results for me. 

LongShadow, LLoD 
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