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Parry-Riposte: The Best of Both Worlds

     I've had the urge to write this for a long time but Seeker's all arena PA finally 
drove me to ink it out.  I am not a Primus manager, I am a very experienced with PRs, 
though.  With the introduction aside, let's get back to basics.

     ST:(6-13)  I have PRs with both.  Strength depends a lot on your size.  You 
definitely do not want to be cursed with "does little damage."
     CN:(10-13)  It's always nice to be able to roll with a few punches.  This will 
allow your warrior to miss a few parries and still take out his opponent (very 
important early in life).
     SZ:(3-14)  Size is an attribute you cannot work with.  I've had good set ups with 
all these sizes.  Above 11 is somewhat large, but a larger size can be successful.
     WT:(17,21)  You knew that, though.  Rippers must have at least a 17 wit.  They 
need all the skills and the intelligence level.  Parry-riposte is an art form.
     SP:(5-13)  Some say riposte is hindered with a low speed.  I have a ripper with a 
5 speed and it doesn't hold true with him.  Most of my PRs do have lower speeds.
     DF:(15-21)  Once again, parry-riposte is an art form.  Your warrior must be very 
deft to master this art.  Not to mention deftness is where you acquire most of your 

WEAPONS:  Primary use SH, EP (my favorite), LO, or SC, offhand use DA, HA, or SH.  I 
personally use weapons instead of shields because rippers have a tendency to attack 
with their offhand.

ARMOUR:  This is your decision.  I usually run mine with ARM and H.  It depends on 
your opponent and your carrying ability.

STRATEGY:  What is parry-riposte?  An art form.  Like painters use different 
techniques, rippers use different strategies.  I usually higher OE's and AL's early on 
in the career.  Especially if they have higher speeds.  Strategy also depends on your 
opponent.  After your PR starts to mature, try a more methodical strategy.  Somewhere 
in the range of 3-3-3 and 6-5-6.  A 3-3-3 is pretty much a scum strategy, your PR will 
parry more than riposte.

NOTES:  Parry-rips take a lot of work and fine tuning.  Parry-riposte is a wicked 
style once your warrior starts to develop.  It's always fun to jump a lunger and put 
it on its face with a OR.  It's even more fun to beat a scum at its own game.  A parry 
rip can easily do both.  Parry Riposte is the best of both worlds.  This is my first 
article so please feel free to diplo me (Tempest-36 and 100) or e-mail me 
( with any questions or comments.  May honour and righteousness 
bless your blades.  May the horsemen of the night reign forever.

                                                            Lord Dauthstorm
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