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Rillion’s Lunger Wash-Out PR

Strength: 7+ 
Constitution: 9+ 
Size: Any 
Wit: 17 or 21 
Will: 13 - 15 
Speed: 9 
Deftness: 15+ 


While it is sometimes challenging to run successfuil PR's, they are one of my 
favorite styles because they produce some of the most interesting and 
exciting fights. I find that the PR style is suited to those warriors that 
don't have the will and endurance needed to be a successful lunger. 

As for strategies, I find a good early strategy is to run defensively in the 
first couple of minutes (2-2-2 Parry tactic seems to work well) then try 
and take the inititive away from your opponent as he tires. If you have 
normal endurance, you can try 8-6-x, then gradually drop both the offensive 
and activity level in minutes 4,5 and 6+ (6-4-x, 4-4-x, 4-1-x).   

If you have poor or lower endurance, I'd wouldn't go above a four offensive 
effort or activity level. Even a poor endurance PR can go 10+ minutes with a 
scum on a good day. 

As for tactics, the Parry tactic works well when being defensive. I'll use 
the Riposte tactic occasionally, but usually tend to drop it when the warrior 
gets to Advanced Expert and above in Riposte. Offensively the Lunge tactic 
is good, but be wary of it since it can tire your warrior out quickly. PR's 
are not a power style and if you are looking for them to do well in tournaments, 
I'd look elsewhere. But if you want an exiciting warrior that can be 
competitive for years, PR's have a lot to offer. 

Rillion Elthandilsth currently active in 33, 57, 58, 100 and 105. 
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