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Slashers – by me (Jul 94)

Subject: My current thoughts on Slasher Strategy
(subject to change without notice)

1) Slashers are faster than lungers, not as fast as ST/PS, about as fast as BA.

2) Slashers have no defenses until _at least_ high champion level, and only then if their favorite learn was defense (parry?)

3) Slasher favorites tend to be (H-VH)/(L-VL). Even moderate activity is quite rare. In my database of 49 SL, 5 have favorite activity of mod, 16 low, 28 vlow (1:3:6). None high or vhigh. None. (For OE, the split is about 1:2:2, mod:high:vhigh) [I think I have over 100 now, but is hasn’t changed much – B]

4) The slash tactic is rumored to slow you down and/or increase endurance burn. I would say with slightly more confidence that it increases your attack at the expense of your (already pitiful) defenses. I can neither confirm nor deny the decis/endurance effects, nor any possibele effects on riposte or init.

Slashers _ought_ to be able to beat just about anyone. In my experience, they have the most trouble with ST, and LUs that can dodge. Newbies (less attack) often have trouble with WSs and TPs as well. 10-10-6 is probably the best default strategy, espially if you’re rated in decis. (at least AE for champions). Decis is often necessary to beat LU. The problem with 10-10-6-D is that you are often two tired to take out WS/TP, and unless your attack is very high, you can be riposted by finesse warriors. This is partially negated if you do alot of damage. Your init is usually high enough to get _one_ shot in against a typical opponent. Make it count.

If my SL has a good attack level, I will challenge solely defensives, usually going (8-10)-6-6, dropping off to <= 4 AC in later minutes. I usually turn on the SL tactic after minute 2. Careful! If you are unrated in decis, you can get a nasty suprise from a WS, PL, or PR going 10-10. (I never consider an 'unknown' PS defensive). Desperation is another can of worms. My opinion is that you might as well try something wacky, (with a low KD). Usually options are Dodge (lowish-highish), Responsiveness (high-high or ???), or Riposte (??, try favorites?) . Others prefer 10-10-1-? or 3-3-3-x-P, both in the hope of giving up without getting killed. Personally, I always like to to have a shot in desperation, because when it works, it's extraordinaryily satisfying (especially with an offensive). Does any of this work? Well, sometimes. My only SL in ADM went 20-9 in basic, in a reasonably tough arena. He started 70 decis (14 SP); I ran him primarily decis and challenged LU (for the record, he's 8-16 in ADM bleah.). I have a couple more currently hovering at around 11-8 in the Champs. One is 11-2 in fights in which he got to swing, 9-2 in fights that he got the jump. (35 decis base, started 0-4, and 3-7!). I've had another start 0-6. (killed at 3-7...). I've had a 21 WT, 9 SP 11 DF killed at 0-4 by an AB. I will stress that I experimented some with the losing warriors; I didn't just set them at 10-10-6-D. (Which would have probably been the better move..) I think your early sucess is primary dependent on your decis _base_, and later sucess (in Basic) is dependent on learning a good amount of either decis or attack. (Better endurance and damage will compensate partially for lack of attack; defense could compensate for decis, but I wouldn't hold my breath). Init you always have plenty of, Riposte is pretty irrelevant if you have no defenses; defense and parry skills are (usually) way to rare to rely upon. STATS: Good use of moderate-high SP. ADVANTAGES: Good attack, best init, decent decis. Best weapon selection. Pretty good long term. DISADVATAGES: poor defense, parry. Endurance burn isn't great. Favorite activity is often VL-L. TYPICAL WEAPONS/ARMOR: ALE or none. SC, BS, BA, HA (for light armor) SC, SC, SC!!! STRATEGY NOTES: Offensive, but often at various activity levels, best default is simply 10-10-6 Can use slash, but is slow. Decis common, espeially in minute 1. Have no basically no defensive ability until _very_ good. Experiment in desperation; no tactic, Ripost, Responsivness, Dodge. Pug

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