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Storm Front’s thoughts on a successfull Aimed Blow design

Strength: 3 - 11 
Constitution: 9 
Size: 5 - 9 
Wit: 17 - 21 
Will: 15 - 21 
Speed: 5 
Deftness: 17 or 21 


Strength: Aimed Blows, if designed right and ran properly, can use only a 
dagger and still win. That is why you can get away with only a 3 here. Of 
course to use the classic weapon of the Aimed Blow style, the Quarterstaff, 
you need a ST of 11. You want ST and SZ to at least get you into the Normal 
Damage range. 

Constitution: A CN of 9 with a SZ of 5 and WL of 17 will keep you out of the 
Very Frail range of Takes Damage. I have noticed with a lot of Very Frail 
warriors one hit and they are out. When I say "out" I mean Out of the Game...
Dead. I believe the lower the Hit Points, the more likely to die. Aimed Blows 
are hard enough to keep alive in Basic. Give them a chance. On the other hand,
don't go above 9, these points can be used elsewhere. 

Size: The smaller the SZ, the better the Defense. If you get stuck with a 9, 
try to get ST to 11 for the QS. Any bigger, go with a different style. AB's 
need the points in WT, WL, and DEF. 

Wit: The same stands for AB's as it does for other warriors. The higher the WT 
the more skills gotten at creation and the (so it's been said) more skills 
learned in a fight. I wouldn't go any lower than 15. AB's get shafted and 
creation anyway. This way they have a chance to catch up. 

Will: AB's don't burn a lot of Endurance, but they do need to take some 
damage. Although WL does not play a big part in Damage Taking, it does 
help. I've noticed higher will AB's tend not to "bow their head in a token 
of surrender," as quickly in a fight. 

Speed: Really don't need it. As long as SP and DF gets you into the Normal 
Coordination range you are fine. You do not want an uncoordinated AB. 

Deftness: This is the most important attribute for an Aimed Blow. Do not, I 
repeat, do not got less than 17 here. I tend to not make an AB unless the 
DF is 21. One simple reason for this. It is believed that if an AB has a 
21 DF, he gets double the Attack skills from 13 and above in DF. So instead 
of 5 attack skills you get 10 attack skills from Deftness. Plus, if his ST 
is low, you want high DF. A mega accurate AB can win easily with a pair of 

If you are lucky enough to get a favorite learn of Decise you have what I 
like to call a, imagine this, Decisve Aimed Blow. This is an AB that has the 
ability to out jump Strikers. 

This whole article has been based on my experience and other literature I've 
read. This design may or may not work for you. All I can say is I've had 
most my succes in the game with Aimed Blows, and this is what works for me. 

Storm Front, Mgr of Force of Nature, Arena 29 (Lapur) 
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