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The Greek Basher

Strength: 9+ 
Constitution: 7-9 
Size: any, depending on st 
Wit: 11-17 
Will: 17-21 
Speed: 5-7 
Deftness: 13+ 


First of all you want to have great damage with your Bashers. So strength 
+ sz should give you great. Bashers dont have to be a genius but give him 
the chance to learn. I like 13 minimum. Would prefer 15. Some people will 
look at the cn and say its too high. You could be right but my Bashers have 
beaten more than one warrior by being able to take a couple of shots and 
then fire back. I like the 9 cn the best. The high will is extremely 
important. I wouldnt go below a 17. Allows stat trains but I think it also 
helps a Basher get the jump on other warriors. It's also important in your 
Basher not quiting when hit a couple of times and fighting back. Sp who 
cares. Df should be good enough to get decent weapons and be able to 
sometimes hit what you aim at. 

Strategey: It really depends on the guy your fighting and what your basher 
likes. I run either 10-10-X Dec. against faster warriors. 10-4-x B or no 
tactic against slower ones. Slow down to 10-4-X or 8-3-X in minute two. 
With great damage most warriors wont be around in minute two anyways and if 
they are they're probably scum so you might as well lower OE and Al. 

Weapons: WH is an awesome Basher weapon. If you have the ability obviously 
you can use a Maul. However I would stick with the WH. Its fast and can 
smash through any armor. 

Armor: I like to wear ALE and a H. This allows the Basher to take a shot or 
two and still fight back. This is not a scum Basher design so dont put him 
in Plate. This is a speed Basher. The highest armor I would go is ARM. 
However its OK to sometimes scum someone thats just too fast for you. You 
have to hope they tire out or you can take enough shots to take the initiative. 

Desp: Well if hes big he probably wont dodge very well. So strategies I use are 

10-4-4 Respon (against strikers) 

10-10-5 Decis ( kick in the butt) 

10-4-X Parry 

You really have to experiment and see which works best for you. 

Thats all I got. If you dont like it then write one yourself. 

The Greek Guy 

Lurocians 57 

Lords of Light 33 
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