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The No Fear Striker

Strength: 9+
Constitution: ANY
Size: ANY
Wit: 17, 21
Will: (15)
Speed: ANY
Deftness: 11+

Meet the requirements, then add points to where ever you wish.


The No Fear Striker is just as it’s name says, Fearless. To win or to die. That is the mentality one must have if they commit to this type of warrior. It is not just a design, it is the way you run it that makes or breaks this warrior.

The No Fear Striker’s Oath:

Never wear armor of any kind.

Always carry one weapon, no backup.

Only train skills, unless you need strength for a weapon.

Challenge the warriors with the most experience, regardless of their class.

This strategy is hard for some to swallow, but if comitted to it, you’re warrior will be one of the best, or he will die!!

Strength: 9+ Why? For the Scimitar of course. Having 11 or 13 is only a plus (more good weaons). Don’t worry about Damage ratings and Carry, you’ll win just as well with a 9 ST.

Constitution: Any works fine. More con will help out Damage taking and Endurance, But this guy will still win with low con.

Size: Again, any will do as long as you have the other requirements.

Wit: Ah, this is the important part and vital to your warriors overall success. You need a 17 to 21 wit for good skill learns. Strikers start out with one of the lowest skill bases, but this guy evens up the odds real quick.

Will: (15) Actually, a lot of different numbers will work, but 15 is pretty much giving you an even shot at success later in the game. I usually make a warrior with more will into something else.

Speed: Anything, really!! Low or high numbers will work. You are depending on your Wit, so leave speed alone.

Deftness: 11 is all you need for this guy’s choice weapons. More Deftness always helps for making him better if you have the points.

Weapons: The weapons which make this guy great are the Scimitar, Longsword, Broadsword, and Quarterstaff. If you don’t have 11 ST, stick with the Scimitar, you’ll do great. Daggers work nicely against low armored opponents.

Armor: Read the No Fear Striker’s Oath, above.

Strategy: Go all out, but not berserk. 10-10-(5-7) is real nice. Use Decise against most opponents, no tactic against opponents you think will use responsiveness against you. Against scum, lower that Activity level, and raise your Kill Desire and start hacking away. This guy is fearless, not stupid, so I’d advise running him with a moderate Offensive Effort and a high to very high activity level in desparation.

Examples: These are all actual No Fear Strikers that I currently run. Three are recent tv’s and one is the recent mail in Initiates TC. They all have winning records.

10-4-10-21-15-11-13 Ambi, poor endurance, good Damage.

6-12-11-21-15-8-11 Ambi, normal endurance, normal Damage. This guys’ funny, I run him with daggers. I don’t think he’s anything special though.

13-5-11-21-15-6-13 Normal endurance, Great Damage.

9(1)-6-11-21-15-12-11 Poor endurance, good Damage. Maxed Decise in 13 FE.

10-12-9-17-15-10-11 Normal edurance, good Damage.

13-6-9-17-15-13-11 Normal endurance, good Damage.

9-10-14-21-15-4-11 Normal endurance, great Damage, maxed Decise in 15 FE.

Mr. Mojo, The Fun Bunch

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