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The Super-Absorbant Striker

Strength: 11
Constitution: 14
Size: 13
Wit: 3
Will: 17
Speed: 3
Deftness: 9


The main idea with this design is to create a warrior that can take a lot of punishment and has great endurance or better. The priorities for adding points are Will, Strength, and Con. A large size is okay, too. This warrior will look really bad on the overview. It will probably have four or five negative wit statements. But that’s okay! This beast is not ADM material and also won’t be too effective in the Champions and above classes. Still, it’s good for the win percentage early on. Send it to the DA when it starts losing. This warrior makes an excellent scout and also good for challenging those who pose a threat to your low-con godlings.

How do you run it?

Versus offensives, wear plenty of armor (ASM minimum) They’l beat you for a couple of minutes, then drop from exhaustion. You won’t get many swings in, but with your high damage bonus you shouldn’t need many. Run 10-10-x for 1-2 minutes and desparation. Versus scum go naked and try 7-5-x for three minutes and then 5-1-5 thereafter and in desperation. Your endurance will give you the win when his armor wears him down. Train nothing but stats with this warrior; he’s not a long-termer anyway.

Weapon selection: the low wit hurts, but try some of the bashing weapons like the mace (13ST, 3WT) If you can get a 7 wit, then use the broadsword.

Brought to you by Captain K., fighter for NIMROD.

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