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The Swift Aimed Blow { redundant isn’t it? :) }

Strength: 3 – 11
Constitution: Any
Size: Any
Wit: 15 – 17 – 21
Will: 11+
Speed: 3 – 7
Deftness: 17 or 21

Comments_advice: This article will be much like SF’s (Storm Front, DUH!)
Mostly because he’s got the right idea and because I like him so much ().

Strength: 3-11: 3st use Daggers, 5 st use Shortsword, 7 st use Epee, 9 st
use Scimitar, 11 st use Longsword. I like a little more because of the
possible damage bonuses.

Constitution: Any: I know, its a scary thing but an AB can actually have
any CN, I personally run a *gasp* 3 CN AB, he’s got the other stats to make
up for it though, trust me.

Wit: 15-17-21: Needs to be smart to be competitive, DUH!

WL: 11+: This is where most disagree with me. Aimers have a low burn so IMO
they don’t need end, but if you have WL it will be better long term.

SP: 3-5: NO use. Just skip it.

DF: 17 or 21: If you have to ask why, don’t make an Aimer

I run 7-7-7 and slowly drop AL OE as the fight goes on, most of mine don’t
last past min 3 or 4 though. Have fun and good dueling.

Swifty McSwift, mgr. of TOO MANY TO NAME!(Jeez these tons). But seriously if
you want to send me a diplo send it to, Da Bomb Squad(305) in DM #35

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