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The Swift Scum

Strength: 9-13
Constituion: 17-21
Size: 9-13
Wit: 9-13
Will: 17 or 21
Speed: 3-5
Deftness: 9-11


This guy isn’t gonna be pretty or have the slightest finesse in him. This
is scum pure unadulterated scum. This guy will have tons of endurance and
damage capacity thats all.

St: 9-13–9 is all you need for the Medium Sheild, anything more will just
be there to help him get more damage giving ability.

Cn: 17-21– This is scum it NEEDS this high constitution to take the damage.
This will also help his endurance which is as important if not more important.

Sz: 9-13–This helps endurance and damage capacity,I think, but you really
can have any size you want.

Wt: 9-13–This is SCUM! No wit necessary. I still wouldn’t go below 9 though.

Wl: 17 or 21– Scum need that great or awesome endurance. If he doesn’t get
it DA him.

Sp: 3-5–Absolutely no need for speed.

Df: 9-11–That should do.

Run him 2-2-2 Parry or no tactic at all.

Swifty McSwift

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