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The Swiftest Slasher Around

Strength : 7 to 13
Constitution : 9 to 13
Size : 6 to 12
Wit : 15 to 21
Will : 15, 17, 21
Speed : 5 to 13
Deftness : 11 to 17

I have given plenty of room to design here.

ST 7 – 13: if you can only get a 7 because you need the points elsewhere, you can always use an Epee, but I like at least 9 for the Scimitar. 11 is good also because of the damage and you get more weapons.

CN: 9 – 13. They aren’t the best jumpers in the game so they need to take a hit or two, this also helps endurance, and that is one of the keys for a good slasher.

SZ 6 – 12: Actually it can be anything, but smaller is better because it makes up for less speed. I am currently experimenting with a High SZ Slasher, but I’ll tell you about that later.

WT: 15 – 21. They need to learn and 15 is good enough, better if 17. I would almost never go with a 21 because you need it elsewhere. Also with a 15 you get every Slasher weapon.

WL: 15, 17, 21. Nothing else will do. This is a Slasher’s most important stat. in my opinion, if you don’t have one of those, i’s not a good Slasher. This gives the endurance, a Slasher’s most important part.

SP: 5 – 13. Lots of room to toy with here. I wouldn’t go below 5 because they do need a little and if it’s over 13 you should make it a Striker. Others will tell you that Speed is a key but not I.

DF: 11 – 17. You cannot go below 11. 13 is great and 15 is pretty good. I have 17, but if you get a 17 Deftness, go Aimed Blow not Slasher.

I have a few guys that fit in here:


This is a killer Slasher in my opinion. He is curently 8-4 97 rec, challenging for the Duelmastership. He has an EX in Attack and Initiative and should have a MA in Attack in 3 fights or so. He is a very good warrior and will be in ADM anytime now.


He is okay but a little too much strength and a little too little constitution, but still a good Slasher. He only has 2 fights but he’s looking good so far.


Another good Slasher. I trained his strength in his first fight to get him the Scimitar, the best slashing weapon in my opinion. Only 2 fights on this one also but again looks great.

Now going back to my experientation with a new style of Slasher, I’m going to try with a high damage, high size Slasher, and give up Will points. I know that contradicts everything I just said but it’s an experiment. I’ve been getting heat that this guy is a target, but think about the look on that scum TP’s face when you hit him 3 times and he drops. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

This was brought to you by Swifty McSwift, Leader/Founder of Troop 709, I am currently active in the following arenas: 4, Wrongfull Justice, 19, The Marksmen, 35, Da Bomb Squad. Drop me a line with comments whenever.

If you want to chat or need help with anything, E-mail me at: I’d also like to thamk Mr. Mojo for making this site so I could write this. BTW Mojo, I’m gonna pound your team in Zuwayza to nothing!! j/k =) =)

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