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The Swiftest Waste Around

Strength: 9-15 
Constitution: 5+ 
Sixe: Any 
Wit: 11-17 
Will: 15, 17, 21 
Speed: 3-5 
Deftness: 7-17 


ST:9 gets him the SC and anything higher gets him more and more weapons but 
9 is rock bottom. 

CN: WS aren't exactly a style that gets the just they are more passive so 
they need the con for the parries they miss. 

SZ: Any but I would'nt go any smaller than 5. 

WT: This is the only style I think that gets by without much problem with 
a low wt, 11 is the lowest I go through. 

WL: This is the key stat for a waste. They need endurance. If it's not one 
of those numbers, it's not a good waste. 

SP: This is the least important stat for a waste. But then again I've seen 
some amazing ripostes with high sp wastes, I don't make 'em that way though. 

DF: Waste's are passive like I said before so when they do attack they need 
to hit what they're swinging at. 

Run a passive waste min 1 through 6+ 5-6-5 CH BD, Desp 7-8-7 HE BD. If you 
have great endurance and want to go quicker try 6-8-6 min 1 through 6+, 
Desp 8-10-8 HE BD. 

Swifty McSwift. 
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