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The Top 10 Signs you play this game too much

10. You wonder whether Mike Tyson does Awesome, or merely Tremendous Damage

9. Think OJ should have used a Longsword, and gone for a knockdown.

8. You forgot your non-managerial name.

7. You communicate with your spouse via personal ad.

6. You write ‘Diplomatic Note’ to the Serbian government, asking them to lower their kill desire, and aim for the limbs.

5. You have a favorite eating utensil.

4. Your mailperson sends you chiropratic bills.

3. You think of members of the opposite sex as having seven vital statistics.

2. You try to scum your opponent in a barroom brawl

and the number one sign you play DM too much…

1. You send your kid to the Dark Arena, because he didn’t have a 17 wit!

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