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A warrior's actual breakdown is influenced by many factors, not the least of which is luck. It is well known that warriors made with the exact same stats and style will have different overviews. The overview provided by this page attempts to calculate all the variables involved using available data. Most of this data is provided by _you_, the many managers of Duel II.

Data used to estimate the warrior overview is pulled from many sources:

Skill Charts: These estimate a warrior's skills based on his physical attributes. Bagman seems to be the first public skill chart that had skills at all stat levels. However some of the values were educated guesses, and further confirmations that did not agree led to Bagman2. Additional confirmations also made Bagman2 suspect. I'm currently working on a skill chart with all skills at confirmed values (no guesses). For lack of a better name, it's just called Terrablood's skill chart.

Handedness: This seems to be completely random and not based on any warrior stats. I would say roughly 85% are right handed, and the remaining 15% are left or ambidextrous. For simplicity, the overview will always say right handed.

Wit Statements: Each of the 6 skill categories can be randomly modified by up to a -/+ 4 'luckfactor'. What this means is that for example, based on a warrior's stats and style, it can be assumed that he should get an Attack base of 60. However, a luckfactor can apply, modifying that up or down 4 skill points (20 percentage points), down to a 40 or up to an 80. Since these are impossible to predict, the overview will print a wit statement as if there is no luck factor, so your warrior's particular wit statement may be different depending on his luck modifications.

Activity Statements: The warrior's activity level. Compiled by Kendall Miles, these seem to be completely accurate. See the Activity Chart.

Damage/Endurance: Exact combinations of the involved stats can result in up to three different results. For instance, a warrior with ST 11 and SZ 9 could receive a Normal, Good, or Great damage rating since those entries were actually recorded. If there are 10 entries, with 4 at Normal, 4 at Good, and 2 at Great, the overview will show possible damage ratings of Normal(40%), Good(40%), or Great(20%). Since these values can change when managers enter new warriors, these percentages can be refined over time for more accuracy. See the Warrior damage chart and Warrior endurance chart.

Hit Points/Encumbrance: These are well known from the Hit Point Chart and Encumbrance Chart.

Quickness Statements: Compiled by Big R., DMobster, & PAGAN, these seem to be completely accurate. See the Quickness Chart.

Favorite Weapons, Rhythms, and Tactics: Dynamically calculated from the ADM Favorites Page. When warriors graduate to ADM (Advanced Duelmasters), their new overview reveals their favorite weapons/tactics/skill learning, and managers contribute this data to develop these statistics.