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Asylum’s Colossus Striker

Strength: 15-21
Constitution: variable
Size: 15-21
Wit: 3-21
Will: 9-13
Speed: 3-7
Deftness: 3-21


This is the blueprint for a certain type of striker that I’ve been experimenting with lately. I currently have a handful of these warriors, and all are doing very well; their composite record is roughly 25-10-3. This sort of striker relies on two primary things: a) Inflicting damage; b) Accuracy. This naturally entails that they will have weaknesses in the following areas: a) Getting the jump/Decisciveness/Speed; b) either a low Wit or Deft.

Let me go through these four factors, one by one. To get an acceptable damage rating (at least TREMENDOUS), careful gauging and planning of distribution of ST in accordance to SZ is important.

A couple examples:

Warrior #1: ST 21/SZ 16 = Tremendous.

Warrior #2: ST 21/ SZ 15 = Tremendous

Warrior #3: ST 15/SZ 20 = Awesome.

Note that it may be a good idea to NOT max out ST to 21 on the initial rollup; instead, I stop at 19 or 20 – this way if I happen to receive an unlucky damage roll, I’ll have one or two more chances to get that elusive Tremendous or Awesome. The second advantage to this style of striker is accuracy. This is obtained primarily with Deftness. A current striker I manage has ST 21/ DF 21, and is doing very nicely. However, because of the need for lots of points in the areas of ST and SZ, along with DF, the other stats will inevitably suffer. This may mean a low Wit warrior with little long term potential (though note that the high DF will give numerous initial skills).

A good alternative I have found, is to have a high Wit, and low Deft. Strikers of this kind still place blows with efficiency, and tend to have better long term potential. An example is a ST 19/WT 17/DF 5 warrior I manage. Thus, as I have indicated above, there will generally NOT be enough points left over after the heaping of ST and SZ, so either WT or DF must suffer – BUT NOT BOTH! The final, and most crucial, weakness of this style is their inability to strike the first blow against fast offensives, especially fellow strikers.

This is due to the low SP.


a) Try running Resp. in the 1st minute; this works remarkably well (against DECISE using opponents only!), as my strikers amazingly parrying blow after blow, and eventually gain the upper hand in the second minute.

b) Use fast weapons: HA, DA, QS, SS, and perhaps even FI – remember, with their high damage rating, the need for a strong weapon is negated.

However, the high strength also allows the use of the ML or HL against scum opponents.

c) Wear no armor – but make sure you can take a hit or two!

d) Aiming for the HE or RA/LA seems to finish off opponents the fastest.

I’d love to hear of any warriors you’ve run (or intend to run) using this template!

Please email me at: if you wish to correspond, or for questions, etc.

Asylum, mgr. of Traumatophobia (DM 48, 105), Divine Colony (105), Isolation House (24), Murderscene (36), and countless other (inactive) teams.

P.S. This design was inspired and influenced by the “Biff Striker” of the early 90’s; for more information on the Biff Striker, which was more of a long-term design, email me and I’ll see if I can dig up that article for you.

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