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Staple Lunger Design

Strength: 10
Constitution: 7
Size: 9
Wit: 17
Will: 15
Speed: 17
Deftness: 9

Comments_advice: I hate Speed; it’s a very annoying attribute, and it’s certainly not what you could call ‘sexy’. We all know what the sexy attributes are; WT,DF and WL. Regardless, the RUG’s not only enjoy sending out a large perentage of non ‘keeper’ WT/DF/WL rollups, but also with high Speeds. What do I usually do with a high SP rollup?


I don’t particularly like Lungers; they’re not what I’d call sexy. In fact, the’re downright boring. Sure, they have great bases, and will often win for a good portion of their early careers (until they hit middle AD, where skills begin to make things more of a race); but I find them dull. But I’ve got to do something with the high SP rollups I get, and I usually make’em Lungers. Don’t talk to me about Strikers; I hate those too.

Speed is a prime Lunger attribute; it gives good Defense, and a lot of Riposte. It also helps with fighting frail little toothpicks to duck more often than they oof.

As always, CN and SZ lose because they’re not sexy, long-term attributes. If you have’em, they’re great; but high CN/SZ rollups are a different breed entiely.

WT, usual story. Nothing new.

WL, a good stat for Lungers, jumping around constantly is hard work. You want a guy who’s not going to pout when he gets tired.

DF is excellent for Lungers, but not crucial; you can get by with only minimal levels. 9-11 is sufficient.

ST is an interesting stat for Lungers. High ST will enable you to have a better chance for the upper damage categories. Lower will give some weapon selection problems, but also often have the very interesting side effect of generating long, active fights. What does this do? Gives you a warrior who often has popular fights that go for multi-minutes when their in charge of the action; which enables you to more often than not have an excellent shot at the ‘This Week’s Favorite’ and ‘Most Popular’ titles. Free fghts are free fights. Also, longer fights seem to increase learning chances, so it’s not all fluff.

Most Lungers like high to very-high Offensive Efforts, and high to very-high Activity levels. 10-10-7 is a staple tactic, but I’ll point out you should experiment a little; finding your favorite will often yeld better results overall than simply going with good old 10-10-7. Lunge or Decise are good tactics to try if you want the help, Dodge can be a good defensive tactic. If you want to run up some long fights with fairly low chances of dying, seek out the pure scums in your arena and challenge them continually. Lungers aren’t very good at penetrating heavy armor, but they’re often very good at maintaining initiative over scums.This leads to fights that o for several minutes and eventually end in an exhausted Lunger and a bemused scum. But you didn’t get killed, and did rack up a long fight that should help your learns. Methods to madness.

So, nothing particularly shocking about this design; just a basic Lunger layoutthat focuses on Speed and interesting fights. With any luck avoiding the Grim Reaper, you’ll see this staple warrior in AD after about a year or so in Basic. And then the RUGs’ll send you another design that looks something like 9-13-17-5-7-12-7. Fooey.

Dave of Dave’s World (DM33)

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