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Slasher Archtype – Triplett mold w/low SP

Strength: 10
Constitution: 9
Size: 9
Wit: 17
Will: 17
Speed: 5
Deftness: 17

Comments/Advice: Now obviously, this is an ‘idealized’ rollup; a Triplett that has the ever wanted available-17’s in WT, WL, and DF. A SL with these prime attributes maximized will fight quite well. Minimums for the style (though not necessarily for an ‘long-term’ aspirations, loaded though that term may be) would be 7-3-3-13-13-5-13 (though the WL would be a stretch at only 13).

SL’s don’t need SP, whatever anyone may say. Think of a Samurai; stable, wading into you with sword flashing. They don’t jump around, bouncing on the balls of their feet. Low SP is required mainly to free up points elsewhere. If you manage a slasher design with, say, 15’s in WT through DF, go with it. But SP is the first area to dump points.

ST is great if you get it, but so far, my high Damage slashers (those that don’t have, or that sacrifice 15+s in the prime WT, WL and DF areas for good ST and/or SZ) haven’t fared well. ST of 7 is enough, with the WT and DF, to use the Epee, which is a good slasher weapon that will score wins for you if the slasher learns, and has the Triplett scores. Otherwise, 9 gives you the Scimitar, which can serve well through your basic career.

CN, as with all non-scums or sponges, is a waste as far as long-term growth (learns and trains) are concerned.

Size is a function of damage and weapon availability; and also has minor, but noticable, effects on the warrior’s mobility, iniative and defense.

WT is the same story as always; with it you learn and can have visions of AD and Primus/Gateway somewhere on the horizon. Without it, you’re talking about a basic warrior.

WL, however, is a slasher requirement. Slashers burn endurance, and need at least a 13 WL; but they will find themselves out of breath after a few minutes. A reliable minimum is 15, and 17+ will show good benefits.

DF should be n lower than 9, but I see much better results with 13+, and at 17 your slasher should really begin to shine.

As far as numbers, Slashers like high to very-high Offensive Efforts,and very-low to low (occasionally moderate) Activity Levels. Again think stable and poised; not bouncy and hyper.

As a style, Slashers have very high initiative; most well designed slashers start with an initiative rating, or earn it as their first (or almost always as the second) rating. After that, Attack and then Defense show up often.

Dave of Dave’s World (DM33)

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