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Tank Lunger

Rascally Rabbit and I (Pagan) have decided to compile our articles on the warrior style we call the Tank Lunger. I made my article (first!!) yet I concede that I did this only after I stole the concept off of a Rascally Rabbit warrior sheet at a Face-to-Face tournament! We chatted for a little bit on this specific 70 point roll-up, and then got excited when we started to think : LUNGER

We wanted physicals for endurance, hitpoints, and damage. Then we talked skills as a secondary necessity: a little Defense, a little attack, a little initiative. From there we came up with the tank. Had anyone else come up with anything like this before? (probably) But our inspiration was genuine.

Lungers have the highest natural starting skill base. So we thought that as long as we kick up those physicals like a plate-decked TP then this warrior should be able to win without ever having to get the first swing.

Pagan’s Note:

What you want to do is make the warrior with the minimum required stats to reach those expected physicals then strive to reach the following optimal physicals in the order listed:

1. Great Endurance
2. Tremendous amount of hit-points
3. Incredibly Quick and Elusive on his feet (at least 7 Defense skills)
4. Great Damage
5. Good Encumbrance

You’ll notice that AFTER the “minimal” design I give more importance to Damage wielding than Encumbrance.

This is NOT a Dixie design. In saying this, I did not give WIT a preferential classification, but if you want to have progressive wins with this warrior then I advise giving him the ability to learn skills (that means Wit).

Rascally hit it on the head when he says Wit of 17 OR 21.

You have the physicals to compete (and beat) any style early on. And if you are learning at least 2 skills per fight (hopefully more!) then you have the ability to compete later on in the warrior’s career.

The differences in the two warrior designs are VERY minor, but may be significant in certain parts of the game. My style denotes Endurance as the major factor. A warrior with a high endurance can beat scum, and will be able to scum opponents himself. However, Rascally’s promotes Strength which is two-fold: Encumbrance and Damage. I don’t think either is better than the other, just different.

Pagan –

Rascally Rabbit’s note:

Even though this article tends to mirror Pagan’s I feel comfortable about doing it since Ross got the Idea for it from one of my Lungers at the winter Face. I have to also give credit to “The General” who walked by while I was thinking waste and said “he can be anything even a lunger” so I made a lunger, who made it to round 14 at the face.

ST: 11 is the minimum, 13 seems to be the best use of points and 17 is without a doubt the high end. It’s extremely important to balance the physicals, you are striving to get good damage but with this design can live with normal.

CN: Try for 17, but if it comes down to a choice between a 17 CN or a 13 ST take the ST. Once again we’re trying to balance the physical side of DM with the skill side to get a warrior that will win at all levels of the game.

SZ: You’re stuck with what the RUG’s give you. Just remember the smaller the SZ the higher ST needs to be.

WT: No debate here “Survey Says” 17 0r 21, no other choices. This is critical for the design.

SP: 3 is perfect for this design. If you have extra points and want to add them to speed, DON’T! Put them into ST instead, by doing this you can potentially increase your endurance, Encumbrance and ability to deal damage.

DF: 11 is optimum for this design you can go higher or lower, but you might not like the end results. If you have to go lower try to offset the negative with another stat (VH CN or WT), if you go with a high DF try not to pull down the other stats to far.

Always remember physicals

ST = endurance, carry, damage dealing

CN = endurance, carry, damage taking

SZ = damage doing and taking

WL = effects a lot of area’s, look it up

I feel that encumbrance is the most critical physical stat for this design followed by damage taking, damage dealing and endurance. You can run this Lunger a lot of different ways and he will win, but since I have a few of these out there right now you’ll have to experiment on your own to find out what works.

Here are a couple of examples

1: 12-17-7-17-17-3-11

2: 12-16-8-17-17-3-11

# 1 TV’ed the last face, beat a 10-0-0 WS in round 11, using my standard strategy, he’s also the lunger mentioned in my opening paragraph.

# 2 Is entered in the current mail-in, his name is “Won Two Many”

As far as weapons and armor here’s my recommendations for what to use.

ST=11, LO/ASM/S backup LO

ST=12, LO/ACM/S backup LO

ST=13, LO/APM/S backup LO

ST=14, LO/APA/S backup LO

ST=15, LO/APA/F backup LO

The above #’s assume that you have used my design recommendation and may not work effectively with other designs or styles. Good luck on the sands, except against my warriors

Rascally Rabbit –

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